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 –  The hair care needs of children are very different from those of adults, so you need to choose their products wisely. In addition to being tear-free and having fun scents, it's also essential to find conditioners specifically designed for young hair. drugstore.com has a wide selection of children's conditioners that help target common issues like tangles as well as restoring moisture to the hair that needs it.
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How Often to Condition Children's Hair

In general, you should make decisions about which hair care products to use on your children based on their individual needs. Kids tend to have very thin hair, and it may keep its moisture on its own or it may need a little help. You will need to tailor your shampooing and conditioning routine based on factors like gender, hair length, and hair type – and the routine might need to change throughout the year. For instance, a child with shorter hair might not typically need conditioner year-round, but it could become an essential product if he starts spending a lot of time at the swimming pool and you notice the chlorine is drying his hair out.

If your little one has particularly thick, curly, or kinky hair, you might find that conditioner is more of an essential tool than shampoo. Children's scalps are nowhere near as greasy as those of adults, so the oil-fighting benefits of shampoo are often lost on kids. If unruly hair and tangles tend to be your child's worst enemy, then you might want to try washing their hair just two or three times per week while conditioning every day. Barring any external factors, you can take dry hair on children as a sign that you are shampooing too often. Back off a little and use conditioner alone for a few days in order to restore moisture and help get hair smoother.

What Causes Tangled Hair?

Parents of youngsters with longer locks are often very familiar with the "rat's nests" of tangles that can develop, seemingly out of nowhere. To understand what causes these tangles, you need to picture the cells that make up each individual strand of hair. Known as hair cuticles, the cells that form hair's outer layer resemble the scales of a fish. Ideally, these cuticles should lie flat, but effects like static and dryness can make them stand up on end. When cuticles are rough, strands of hair attract one another and get tangled together.

Benefits of Conditioners with Detanglers

Fighting tangles requires smoothing out the cuticles of your child's hair in various ways. Conditioners that also act as detanglers contain ingredients that impart a positive electrical charge onto hair, reducing static and making individual strands less likely to attract one another. They also coat children's hair with natural oils or polymers, which smooth out the cuticles and stop hairs from catching on each other. You will still need to brush your youngster's hair consistently after using a detangling conditioner, but these products will make it much easier for you to do so.

The better you can avoid dry hair and tangles, the happier your little one will be, which is why conditioner can be so important to use. Check out the selection of children's conditioners available on drugstore.com today to find the one that will best preserve your youngster's hair.

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