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 –  Shampooing is only the first hair care task you need to accomplish in the shower each day and many men don't realize that conditioning is equally important. In order to maintain the health of your hair, browse drugstore.com to find a wide range of men's conditioners. Incorporate these products into your daily routine and your locks will quickly become stronger, smoother, and more manageable.
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What Does Conditioner Do?

You may understand you are supposed to condition your hair after you wash it, but do you really know why? A quality hair conditioner actually serves several purposes and these products are essential for keeping your hair healthy. The number one function of conditioner is to restore the moisture and nutrients that your hair loses when you wash it. While shampoo is excellent at removing sebum (the naturally-occurring chemical that makes hair greasy), they also tend to strip some of the water and essential oils away from your hair in the process. Conditioners penetrate the shaft of each hair, replacing the moisture that was lost.

Conditioners also smooth out the individual cells that comprise each strand of hair, making them lie flat. As a result, your hair will look sleeker and shinier after using conditioner. Another important function of conditioner is to even out your hair's pH. When you use shampoo, your hair tends to get too alkaline, which can make it more prone to tangling and breakage. Conditioners are usually acidic, and using them makes hair stronger and more flexible.

Important Conditioner Ingredients

When choosing a conditioner, it's helpful to know the types of chemicals it contains and understand what they do. Most conditioners contain a few key classes of ingredients. First, you will find several chemicals known as humectants. These ingredients help draw the water that is abundant in most conditioners into the shafts of your hair. Common examples of humectants include glycerin and panthenol. Fatty alcohols like cetyl alcohol and lauryl alcohol help make your hair feel softer by smoothing out the cuticles that make up each strand of hair. Finally, natural oils such as grapeseed oil, olive oil, and coconut oil provide lubrication, which makes your hair easier to manage. Of course, the ingredients in every conditioner will vary slightly, but you will almost always find that they fall into one of these main categories.

Types of Conditioner

As with most other men's hair care products, you have plenty of choices when it comes to finding a conditioner on drugstore.com. Moisturizing conditioner is one of the most popular types among men, as its main function is restoring moisture to your coarse or dry hair. If you have fine or thin hair, on the other hand, you may prefer to use a volumizing or thickening conditioner. These products coat your hair with an extra layer of protein, which makes it appear thicker. While most conditioners are rinsed out after they are allowed to sit on your hair for a few minutes, some men prefer to use leave-in conditioner instead. This type of product remains in your hair throughout the day and provides moisture and nourishment over time.

No matter what type of conditioner appeals to you, it's easy to find the product you need on drugstore.com. Check out the wide selection of men's products, and you can make your hair healthier and sleeker in no time.

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