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Cotton Balls and Swabs

 –  Some personal care products transcend the uses they were originally made for and can be handy to have around the house for a wide range of tasks. Medical professionals urge caution when using cotton swabs to clean out ears, but you'll find that these products have a number of other applications. Here at drugstore.com, we have several different types of cotton swabs for you to keep in your medicine cabinet and integrate into various stages of your personal and home care routines.
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Swisspers Organic Cotton Rounds- 80 ea
Swisspers Organic - Organic Cotton Rounds - 80 ea
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Safe Use for Ear Care

Cotton swabs have long been the most popular products for home ear care, but it's essential that you know how to use them safely. Doctors warn against ever inserting a cotton swab into your ear canal. Doing so may actually push earwax further in and cause painful impaction. You might also do damage to hearing structures such as the eardrum. Instead, you can safely rely on these products to clean exterior surfaces of your ear--especially the folds of cartilage that can collect dried wax and other debris throughout the day. If you are worried about earwax buildup or have new hearing problems, consult a doctor rather than trying to fix the issue yourself.

Other Cotton Swab Uses

You'll find that there are several great uses for cotton swabs that don't involve the ear at all. These products conveniently come to soft, easily-manipulated tips that can be used to apply cosmetics, nail polish, fragrances, and other personal care products. For first aid, you might use a cotton swab to put ointments, antiseptics, and other topical products onto wounds. They can also be used to clean in between small crevices of household items.

Types of Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs are available with a number of different design enhancements and materials. Some products, for instance, have wooden sticks between the two cotton-tipped ends to make them particularly hearty, while others are made of biodegradable materials so they can be composted after use. Safety swabs are designed for use on young children's ears and faces, and they come with finer tips than traditional products so that you can use them to clean with better accuracy.

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