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Cream, Wipes and Tablets

 –  Antiperspirants and deodorants perform two different functions, although you may find that some personal care products combine the two. Antiperspirants contain active ingredients that prevent sweat being produced by the eccrine and apocrine glands. In contrast, deodorants do not stop you from sweating. Instead they kill off the bacteria that can cause body odor. On drugstore.com, you will find a wide range of antiperspirants and deodorants designed for women's specific needs.
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How Antiperspirants Work

If you want to prevent sweat patches from appearing under your arms, you may apply an antiperspirant. Active ingredients in antiperspirants, such as zirconium and aluminum, block some of the sweat glands’ activity. This prevents perspiration from reaching the surface of your skin. When you have applied an antiperspirant, you can raise your arms with confidence knowing that there will be no wet or dark patches under your armpits.

How Deodorants Work

Body odor is produced when the secretions from the apocrine glands reach the surface of the skin. These secretions contain proteins and fats that mingle with naturally-occurring bacteria to produce a musky scent. When you apply personal care products containing deodorants to your skin, they create an environment that is hostile to the bacteria that cause body odor. Ingredients such as triclosan make skin too acidic or salty for bacteria to survive. Without bacteria, sweat does not produce an odor. Many deodorants also contain fragrances that mask any lingering body odor.


Antiperspirants and deodorants come in many different formats. Some individuals prefer to rub a cream under their arms or onto their feet to prevent wetness and combat body odor. Cream antiperspirant or deodorant is applied using the fingertips to gently massage it on to the skin.

Wipes or Pads

For convenience, some women like to use antiperspirant or deodorant wipes or pads. This method of delivering protection against body odor is particularly useful for people on the go. Whether you are travelling or like to work out at the gym, antiperspirant or deodorant wipes offer you an easy way to eliminate perspiration and body odor. Designed for single use, antiperspirant wipes or pads are saturated with active ingredients that prevent wetness. Deodorizing wipes or pads contain ingredients that eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Some wipes and pads perform both functions, preventing sweat from being produced and tackling body odor.

Women may be particularly conscious of odors emitted from the genital area, particularly during menstruation or after strenuous exercise. They can avoid embarrassing odors by using moist towelettes designed specifically for women to use after visiting the lavatory.


If you are concerned about the odors that your body produces, you may wish to consider taking a daily tablet or supplement to enhance your natural scent.

Natural Deodorants

For consumers seeking a natural solution to body odor, there are several options available here at drugstore.com. Natural deodorants use essential oils, botanical extracts, or alum to kill off the bacteria that can cause body odor. The scents of the natural ingredients also mask the odor created by any hardy bacteria that manage to survive.

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