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Creams, Wipes, and Tablets

 – Body odor and moisture can be persistent and difficult problems for anyone to fight, and you may be looking for different ways to combat them beyond typical antiperspirants and deodorants. drugstore.com has a wide selection of alternative odor-fighting products for men which can be used to keep you feeling dry and smelling fresh. This assortment of creams, wipes, and tablets could be just what you're looking for.
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Understanding Odor

While sweat is often blamed when it comes to body odor, it's actually not the culprit. Instead, the sweat just creates a warm and moist environment, which allows bacteria to grow. The bacteria that collect in areas like your armpits, groin, and feet actually cause the rank smell. Common personal care products like deodorants and antiperspirants work differently to combat odor. Deodorant kills the bacteria and replaces its odor with other fragrances while antiperspirant stops you from sweating in the first place. Without a moist environment, bacteria can't grow and thrive, so odor never becomes a problem. In general, though different anti-odor products are delivered via different applications, they all work in essentially the same way as either a standard deodorant or an antiperspirant.

Using Deodorant Creams

Similar to most regular deodorants or antiperspirants in their composition, deodorant creams are simply another way to fight body odor by changing up the application process. These products can be rubbed into the areas of your body that tend to smell the worst. Though they start out as creams, most of these products quickly dry into a more powdery consistency, which helps your skin feel dry and smooth throughout the day. Certain products are specifically intended to be used on areas like your feet or groin, where they will target the bacteria most often responsible for odor.

Wipe Away Odor

Easy to use throughout the day, deodorant wipes and pads can help get rid of the bacteria that causes foul smells anywhere on your body. Some of these products are specifically tailored to target areas like your groin while others are intended to be used along with toilet paper after using the restroom. Certain wipes also have the same ingredients as a typical antiperspirant, and they can be used on your underarms to reduce the amount you sweat by plugging up your pores. Deodorant wipes in general are a favorite among some men because they can be easily stored in your desk at work or gym bag until they need to be used. Most products are also flushable, so they can be disposed of discreetly.

Target Odor from the Inside

Deodorant tablets are one of the most unique products men can find on drugstore.com. Taken orally, these capsules are designed to help target odor from the inside. The main ingredient of these tablets is chlorophyllin – which is derived from the plant compound chlorophyll. These products help absorb the toxins that cause odor from within and can make your breath, feet, and underarms smell better.

No matter what type of alternative deodorant or antiperspirant you are looking for, drugstore.com has a wide range of products to choose between. Browse the selection of creams, wipes, and tablets for men to find the right option for you.

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