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Creams, Wipes, and Tablets

 – It can be frustrating and embarrassing to deal with body odor and excess moisture, which is why many men choose to address these issues with deodorants and antiperspirants. If you’re looking for alternative methods to either supplement or replace traditional products, we have a wide assortment of creams, wipes, and tablets here at drugstore.com. These products can help fight odor in unique ways and may be just what you need to keep skin dry while ensuring that you smell fresh and clean throughout the day.
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Different Methods of Fighting Odor

Though sweat often gets blamed for causing body odor, it's only partially responsible. Sweat simply creates a warm, moist environment for odor-causing bacteria to grow and thrive. Odor can be dealt with, by either reducing the bacteria or helping prevent sweat in the first place (the main goal of antiperspirants).

Preventing Odor with Deodorant Creams and Wipes

Products like deodorant creams and wipes take a unique approach to fighting odor. Creams can be rubbed into skin on areas like your groin, feet, or armpits, and they typically turn from a cream into a powder soon after application. These products are designed to help reduce odor-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin and also contain fragrances to counteract odor.

Some creams also contain ingredients that help reduce existing odor-causing bacteria. Deodorant wipes and pads are designed to help you get rid of germs, and they can be used to clean particularly sweaty areas of your body. Many of these products are also pre-soaked in antiperspirant ingredients, so they can help reduce sweating and odor.

Unique Effects of Deodorant Tablets

Most traditional deodorants are products that can be applied to your body topically, but you can also find options that help fight odor from the inside out. Deodorant tablets are taken orally, and they contain ingredients that may alter your body chemistry so that body odor isn't as strong. These tablets may reduce the odor associated with sweating as well as bad breath. More research is needed to verify that these tablets are effective at fighting body odors.

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