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Creams, Wipes and Tablets

 –  Whether you struggle with excessive wetness or you’re embarrassed by body odor, sweat can have a negative impact on your life. Fortunately, you can choose among several different types of deodorants and antiperspirants to fight these common issues. Here at drugstore.com, we have an assortment of creams, wipes, and tablets. Each solution works in its own way. Use these products regularly to boost your confidence and ensure that you feel fresh all day long.
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Different Ways to Fight Body Odor

Fighting body odor begins with understanding exactly where the problem comes from. When sweat is released from your skin, it is essentially odorless. However, moist skin provides the ideal breeding ground for colonies of bacteria, and these germs release the pungent aroma associated with body odor. The primary purpose of both deodorants and antiperspirants is to keep these bacteria at bay. Deodorant products neutralize or mask odor, while antiperspirants temporarily reduce sweating in order to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Using Wipes and Creams

Deodorant wipes and creams target odor in different ways, depending on their ingredients. Some creams simply contain many of the odor-fighting components found in products like roll-on or stick deodorants, but they are designed to be rubbed into the skin like lotion.

Other creams actually evaporate into powders soon after they are applied, which allows them to absorb moisture and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Wipes often work in two ways. First, they can be used to wipe away existing bacteria so that odor is neutralized in the short term. The wipes are also usually soaked in ingredients that reduce odor or sweat all day long. Different areas of your body produce different types of sweat, so some of these products are designed for specific trouble spots, such as your armpits, groin, feet, etc.

Possible Advantages of Tablets

Tablets are unique among deodorant products because many are not applied topically. Instead, some of these products are formulated to be ingested orally and may help reduce odor from inside your body. Since tablets are often made with herbs and other botanicals, they aren't vetted by the FDA. Still, many fans of alternative medicine swear by them.

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