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 –  Want to have smoother skin on your face or body? If you're looking for a hair removal solution that is quick, painless and simple to use, a depilatory may be the ideal choice for you. Perfect for men and women alike, depilatories make hair removal fast and can be used to remove hair from virtually anywhere. drugstore.com has a wide selection of depilatories available, so we're sure to have the perfect hair removal solution for your needs ready to ship to your door.
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Fast and Simple Hair Removal

Depilatories are hair removal products that are used as alternatives to conventional shaving. There are many different types of depilatories available, but nearly all of them work in the same basic way. A depilatory contains ingredients that react with facial and body hair, causing it to become soft and flexible.

Typically, depilatories are left in place for a certain number of minutes to allow them to take full effect. When you wipe, rinse or scrub off the depilatory, the hair comes right off with it. With a depilatory you can remove hair from areas that are difficult to shave, and the process is typically painless. In most cases, results from a depilatory last for two to five days with hair gradually re-emerging and requiring another treatment.

Formulas for Every Need

Depilatories are offered in a number of forms, so you'll need to find the one that will be easiest for you to use.
  • Depilatory powders are frequently used by men. These powders come in the form of dry flakes that are mixed with water and then rubbed against the skin to remove hair.
  • Creams are popular choices for women, as they make it easy to control precisely where the depilatory goes.
  • Gels and gel-creams also enhance control, but they make it easier to see the hair underneath due to their lighter consistencies.
  • To treat large areas like a woman’s legs or a man’s chest, many people prefer spray-on depilatories. These products make covering a large area for treatment as easy as spraying on a fine mist.

Whisk Hair Away from Head to Toe

It's important to remember that not all depilatories are safe for use all over. While there are depilatories that are formulated to gently remove hair from the face and sensitive spots like the bikini area, not every product is meant for these delicate areas. The names of the products and their product descriptions will tell you which parts of your face and body you can treat safely with each formula.

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