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Ear Drops

 –  Your ears make it possible to enjoy the sounds of your favorite music and the soothing sounds of nature. The outside portion of your ears, the part you see, attaches to a narrow ear canal. This canal leads to your middle and inner ear where sound is processed before it reaches your brain. Keeping your ears clean, healthy and dry is vital for good hearing.
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Keeping Your Ears Clean and Healthy

One of the most common ear problems is the build-up of wax inside your ear canals. Wax has a useful function. It traps bacteria and germs that cause ear infections. Unfortunately, wax can sometimes build to the point it affects your ability to hear. Trapped wax can also cause ear discomfort, pressure and fullness.

When wax becomes a problem, wax-removal ear drops can help. These drops contain an ingredient that softens ear wax so it can be more easily removed. Also available are ear wax removal kits. These kits contain wax removal ear drops to soften the wax along with a syringe to irrigate your blocked ear canals and remove the softened wax.

Always read the instructions before using ear wax removal kits to avoid injuring your ear or rupturing your eardrum. Homeopathic ear wax removal drops are also available. These drops contain natural ingredients that work with your body to remove wax.

Keep Your Ears Dry

Another common cause of ear discomfort is water trapped in your ear canals. Anytime you swim or shower you expose your ear canals to water. Some of this water can stay inside your canals and create a feeling of fullness and pressure. Trapped water also increases your risk for ear infections. One way to prevent this problem is to use an ear drying aid every time you expose your ears to water. When you place these drops in your ear canals, they bind to the water inside to help remove it. Keep a bottle handy and use immediately after swimming, showering or playing water sports.

Another common ear problem is tinnitus. Tinnitus refers to abnormal sounds coming from inside your ears including ringing or buzzing. These sounds may be high pitched or low in pitch. For most people, these sounds are disturbing and make it difficult to sleep.

Tinnitus has a variety of causes. It may be caused by certain medications, exposure to loud noise, wax build-up, aging, ear abnormalities or certain medical conditions. It's important to see your doctor to find out why you're having sounds in your ears. For minor tinnitus, homeopathic ring relief ear drops are available. These drops are formulated with ingredients that work naturally with your body to aid in healing.


Take care of your ears to maximize your ability to hear. There are a number of ear care products that can potentially help. If you have ear pain, discharge, bleeding or decreased hearing, you may have a serious ear problem that needs immediate evaluation. As always it’s important to see your physician for any concerns you may have with your hearing and ears.

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