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Ear Drying and Scopes

 –  With some types of ear problems, an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. When you follow your doctor's advice and practice regular preventive care, you can greatly reduce your risk of ear problems returning in the future. At drugstore.com, we’re here to make it easy to help you follow your doctor's recommendations. We stock a selection of ear drying products that can be delivered quickly to your home as well as ear scopes for monitoring ear health.
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What Causes Swimmer's Ear?

Are you prone to swimmer's ear? Also called an outer ear infection and otitis externa, this common infection is usually due to water getting trapped inside of the ear canal. Bacteria can quickly grow in the wet conditions and give rise to infections.

How Can You Prevent Swimmer's Ear?

When outer ear infections are recurring, doctors often recommend simple lifestyle changes, such as wearing ear plugs while showering or swimming to limit how much water gets inside of the ear canal.

Your doctor may also suggest that you use ear drying drops. These products contain an ingredient like isopropyl alcohol that dries up moisture that lingers in the ear canal. As a result, the drops promote drier conditions and make swimmer's ear less likely to occur.

For best results, make sure to use the ear drying drops as instructed on the packaging unless you receive other advice from your doctor. Typically, the drops are only used once every day or only after swimming; however, your doctor may provide you with different instructions based upon your individual ear care needs.

Checking Your Ears with Ease

You never know when you might need to look inside of an ear. Doctors may recommend that parents check their children's ears if they develop frequent ear infections, or it might be necessary to look inside someone's ear when you're performing first aid. Trying to see inside of an ear with an ordinary flashlight can be difficult, which is why many people like to purchase otoscopes to have in case of emergency or for everyday use.

What Is an Otoscope?

An otoscope is a special medical tool designed to be inserted in the ear. A light inside illuminates the ear canal, so that you can clearly see inside of the ear when you look into the viewing window. Most otoscopes run on batteries, so you'll want to find out whether or not a set is included with the otoscope that you choose.

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