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 –  Want to banish fuzz from between your brows, get rid of wiry chin whiskers or make that upper lip mustache a thing of the past? Facial hair removal products can help you free yourself from unwanted hair safely and effectively. Made especially for use on the complexion, these products are offered in many different forms and are available for both men and women. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide assortment of options to help you find the best way to eliminate facial hair.
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Ouch-Free Solutions for Facial Hair Removal

Many men and women would prefer to remove facial hair with a method that doesn't cause any discomfort, and there are a number of products on the market that offer an ouch-free solution for removing facial hair. Depilatories formulated for the face remove hair by causing its protein fibers to disintegrate. This allows you to simply wipe or rinse the growth away. The results from a depilatory typically last for a few days to a week before treatment is required again.

Facial hair bleaches don't remove hair at all. Instead, they lighten its color, so that it's much more difficult to spot. Results from bleaching will last until new dark hair growth becomes long enough to be visible.

Long-Lasting Hair Removal with Wax and Epilators

If you want to keep your face free of hair for as long as possible, products that remove the entire hair from the tip to the root are the best solution. One way to do this is to use a wax kit, which contains a sticky substance that traps the hairs and yanks them from the follicles. You can also use a handheld tool called an epilator for long-lasting hair removal results.

Epilators have tweezer or wheel heads that capture hairs and pull them out as you move the tools along your face. Tweezers and spiral springs are also available to remove hairs from the face. Whether you choose wax, a facial epilator or a tweezer tool, you can expect results to last for weeks after treatment.

Products for Trimming, Shaping and More

Looking for solutions for ear and nose hair or shaping your brows? You'll find a number of handy gadgets available to assist you. Eyebrow shaping tools like razors and stencils can help you trim your brows without plucking out any hairs. Battery-powered trimmers are designed for removing length from the brows and for shortening hairs that grow in the nose, around the ears and elsewhere on the face.

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