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Feminine Care

 –  The natural cycles of a woman's body allow for the miracle of childbirth and are an important part of reproductive health; however, managing the effects of these cycles requires an ongoing personal care routine. Each woman has her own unique feminine care needs based upon the symptoms that she experiences during menstruation, hygiene concerns that develop during other times of the month and her own personal preferences. Whatever you need to feel your best and deal with menstruation and other feminine care concerns, you'll be highly likely to find the products that you require here at drugstore.com.
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Always Maxi Pads with Wings, Unscented, Overnight Extra Heavy- 20 ea
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Managing monthly menstrual flow is an important part of feminine care for any pre-menopausal woman. Maxi pads are one of the most commonly used feminine hygiene products on the market. Worn externally, these absorbent pads adhere to panties and capture menstrual flow. Different absorbency levels are available to meet a woman's needs throughout her period, and there are special varieties available for use overnight when a woman is unlikely to change pads frequently. For light days or for managing vaginal discharge, panty liners are ideal. These ultra-thin pads protect undergarments from staining but are not intended for heavy flow.

While maxi pads are convenient and easy to use, some women find them uncomfortable or feel restricted when they wear them. This is particularly true if a woman wishes to swim or wear certain types of underwear during her period. Tampons are an alternative to pads that help to solve these types of problems. Used internally, tampons are cylinders made up of absorbent materials that are inserted into the vagina. Once in place, the tampons expand, blocking menstrual flow, and when it is time to change protection, women can do so by pulling on strings to remove them. Like maxi pads, tampons come in many different absorbency strengths to meet women's needs.

In addition to dealing with flow, many women must manage uncomfortable symptoms during their periods and in the days leading up to menstruation. Many women develop cramps due to the contractions of the uterus that are used to expel the lining that is shed during menstruation. Women may also experience headaches, back pain or cramping and discomfort in their thighs during and just before their periods. Feminine pain relief products help to minimize discomfort related to menstruation. These products include oral tablets and capsules that contain analgesic over-the-counter medications and compresses and pads that use built-in temperature support to soothe pain.

Women may require a number of other feminine care products throughout the month to feel at their bests. Feminine cleansing products and feminine deodorants can be used to combat body odors and help women feel fresher. Cleansing and deodorant products include douches, sprays, powders and wipes in different varieties and scents. For managing symptoms of infections, there are numerous over-the-counter remedies available (depending on the type), but women should consult their doctors before using these types of products.

drugstore.com can help you get the feminine care products that you need as easily as possible. Shop our collection now using the links at the left, and we'll send your order out quickly and discreetly.

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