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Floss and Flossers

 – You may brush your teeth daily, even after every meal, as dental professionals recommend. That's wonderful - but it doesn't mean your dental hygiene is all squared away. Daily flossing needs to be part of your routine, because a toothbrush and toothpaste can only reach so much of your mouth. For those hard-to-reach gaps between teeth and gums, a string of floss is what's called for--an essential tool in the fight against periodontal disease. Here you'll find drugstore.com's full assortment of flossing implements so you can round out your oral-care arsenal and prevent damaging buildup of plaque and tartar.
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Furthermore, the same bacteria may be linked to other health problems in other parts of the body, including diabetes and heart disease. On a more minor but not insignificant level, routine flossing is one way to combat bad breath.

Advanced cases of periodontal disease require professional treatment, but warding against gingivitis and periodontitis can often be straightforward - most of it done in the comfort of your own home with proper oral care. Regular brushing and dentist visits are part of the prevention of these ailments and their associated issues, but flossing is equally essential, though often neglected. The process removes plaque as well as food detritus from between teeth and from the spaces between teeth and gums - areas too tucked-away and remote for toothbrush bristles to reach.

Here at drugstore.com you can browse through a diversity of floss and flossing aids to find styles that fit your needs. From the classic spools to threaded flossers, picks, oral irrigators, and other alternatives, you'll have much to choose from.

If you haven't flossed in a while, you may find your gums becoming aggravated, even bleeding, from the process. Once you're flossing routinely, however, this irritation should subside (if it doesn't, check in with a dental professional). Follow the directions provided with your floss or flosser as well as any counsel from your dental-care provider. Don't be shoddy: Diligently attend to all your teeth, including those back-of-the-mouth molars.

As with anything else, it may seem hard to start flossing, but once you've done it a few days in a row it tends to become ingrained and second nature. For the miniscule time expenditure required, you'll reap important oral-health benefits - and feel all the better about the look and feel of your mouth. BACK TO TOP »
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