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Speed Stick by Mennen with Stainguard Antiperspirant & Deodorant Solid, Fresh- 2.7 oz
Speed Stick by Mennen - with Stainguard Antiperspirant & Deodorant Solid...
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The Basics of Fighting Body Odor

In order to grasp how deodorant works, it's important to understand where body odor comes from. The human body sweats as a natural cooling mechanism. Sweaty areas of your body tend to be moist and warm, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. The presence of these bacteria is what actually causes body odor, which is why areas like your armpits tend to be the worst offenders. Deodorants work by killing off the bacteria and also masking the odor with their own pleasant fragrances. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, temporarily block sweat glands so that no moisture is released. Without sweat, bacteria can't build up in the first place, so odor never becomes a problem.

Different Types of Deodorant

Like so many personal care products, there is a vast selection of different types of deodorant you can choose between, and your decision will come down to your own preferences. The most common types of deodorant include aerosol sprays, roll-on deodorants, and stick deodorants. Aerosol deodorants can be quickly and easily sprayed all over your body. Simple to apply and quick-drying, these products are a favorite among gym-goers and men who need to reapply their deodorant several times a day.

Roll-on deodorants start off as liquid or gel when they are applied, but then they quickly dry and provide long-lasting odor protection. This type of deodorant applicator works using the same principles as the ballpoint pen (and both products were actually invented around the same time). The rolling ball ensures that a thin layer of deodorant is evenly spread across the surface you apply it to, which can help enhance protection.

Other Styles

Another popular style of deodorant is known as the stick or solid. These products remain dry throughout their entire application, which makes them easy to use quickly. The solid usually contains deodorant powders that are held together with silicone or some other fatty substance. Simply rub the stick over any areas that need protection and a thin layer will be transferred to your skin.

Should You Use Antiperspirant or Deodorant?

If odor isn't your only problem and you would also like to get rid of wetness, then you may want to consider an antiperspirant instead of a deodorant. Antiperspirants contain active ingredients like aluminum salts, which dissolve on the surface of your skin and then temporarily plug up sweat glands so that moisture is unable to release from your pores. In addition to fighting odor by reducing the amount of sweat, many of these products also contain fragrances to keep you smelling fresh. The decision between deodorant and antiperspirant is personal, and it mostly comes down to a question of whether or not you want to eliminate moisture or just fight odor.

No matter what type of deodorant or antiperspirant you prefer, you can find the product for you on drugstore.com. Browse the wide assortment of options for men today.

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