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 –  No one likes to smell bad when they sweat, which is why scientists are constantly trying to find the next innovative odor-fighting product. Gel antiperspirants and deodorants rely on some of the latest advancements in technology to go on clear and keep you fresh all day long. You can find a wide selection of these products on drugstore.com to help you effectively fight odor and/or wetness.
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What Causes Body Odor?

When fighting body odor, it's important to really understand what you're up against. While you may be inclined to blame sweat for making areas like your underarms and groin smell bad, the sweat that you excrete actually doesn't have any odor. Your skin is naturally covered in millions of microorganisms like bacteria. When you sweat, these bacteria feast on the moisture and produce the enzymes that are responsible for body odor. As long as your body remains a warm, moist environment, more bacteria will thrive, making your odor worse.

How Deodorants and Antiperspirants Fight Odor

Modern antiperspirants and deodorants fight odor using two completely different mechanisms. Deodorants without antiperspirant properties are formulated to reduce odor-causing bacteria and replace body odor with their own pleasant fragrance. Since most bacteria thrive in an alkaline environment, deodorants tend to be very acidic, and these acids minimize the germs before they get the chance to produce malodorous enzymes.

Antiperspirants, on the other hand, get rid of odor by reducing perspiration. These products contain active ingredients (usually some sort of aluminum compound) that mix with your sweat to create a gel. This gel plugs up pores and prevents you from sweating. When you don’t sweat as much, there is less moisture for the bacteria on your skin to feed on, and you experience less odor. The choice between deodorant and antiperspirant is entirely personal. Some people prefer to remain dry as much as possible, but others would rather not interfere with the body's natural cooling mechanism. Regardless of your preferences, you can find the perfect product on drugstore.com.

Benefits of Gel Deodorants

One of the newer types of deodorant to hit the market, gel products are very popular among many men. Gels are packaged like stick deodorants, but the ingredients are suspended in gel rather than being bound together by a thicker substance like silicone. The gel is pushed up through slits in the applicator before you rub a thin layer on your skin. It goes on clear and doesn't leave behind any residue on your clothes (which is one reason why gel deodorants are so popular). These products also tend to last well throughout the day, as the gel is hydrophobic and won't wash away when you sweat. Gel antiperspirants for men are especially fast acting because their consistency means they can immediately get to work blocking your pores and reducing perspiration.

If you want a product that stops odor in its tracks without leaving unwanted residue behind, then a gel deodorant might be just what you need. Check out the selection of products available on drugstore.com today.

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