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Gift Sets

 –  From Father's Day to birthdays, men are notoriously difficult to shop for. What you have to realize, however, is that most men love gifts they can put to use. drugstore.com has a wide range of men's gift sets that are sensible and practical. From fragrances to shaving kits to miscellaneous grooming tools, these gifts will make the special guy in your life have an extra special day.
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Fragrances as Gifts

Since fragrance is such a personal preference, you may be wary about giving it as a gift. Most men will value the opinion of someone they trust, however, so if you think a certain fragrance smells good, you will likely find your recipient is eager to try it out. Fragrance gift sets often include products like aftershave, cologne, or body spray, so it's important to understand what these products do. Aftershave (as its name suggests) is applied to your face after you shave in order to sanitize and soothe skin, and add a certain fragrance. Cologne is applied in small amounts to your wrists or neck in order to help exude the scent of choice. The oils in colognes mix with the oils in your skin, so no two men will smell exactly the same even if they wear the same cologne. Body sprays are alcohol-based, and can be sprayed all over your skin. They tend to be stronger than colognes at first, but they don't last as long.

Shaving Gift Sets

Considering it's a task most men need to do daily, many people never make much of an investment in their own shaving tools. Certain products, however, such as a shaving brush, nick stick, or blade oil, can make a man's routine shave a much more pleasant experience. The bristles on most shaving brushes are made with high-quality badger hair, and they can help exfoliate while you spread your chosen shaving lubricant over your skin. This type of tool also lifts hair away from your face, allowing you to get a closer shave without cutting yourself.

Handy Tools and Products

Nick sticks help stop the bleeding when you cut yourself shaving by contracting your skin and sealing off the blood vessels. By using these products right after you nick yourself, you significantly reduce your risk of scarring. Blade oils repel water from your razor blade to keep it from rusting, and they can help extend the life of a razor up to twice as long. All of these tools are commonly found in the shaving gift sets available from drugstore.com. Though most men won't opt to buy these sorts of products for themselves, they are likely to use them when given as a present, making shaving easier and less painful.

Other Great Grooming Tools

Some of the other grooming tools available in gift sets from drugstore.com include products to help men reduce the likelihood of sweat stains on their clothes, shave pills from sweaters, shine shoes, remove lint, wipe away odor, and more. All of these ideas are extremely practical, and you may surprise your recipient with such a thoughtful but outside-the-box gift.

While every present you give to your loved ones will be appreciated, it's a great feeling knowing that your gifts are being used. Browse the selection of men's gift sets available from drugstore.com to find the sensible gift that best suits your male friend or relative.

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