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Glycerin Soaps

 –  The right bar soap can help you meet your skin's needs while getting you perfectly clean from head to toe. Many people choose glycerin soaps to go beyond basic cleansing and make baths and showers more beneficial for their skin. If you want to reap the benefits of glycerin soaps in the shower and tub yourself, drugstore.com is here to help. We have an assortment of glycerin soaps with conventional and natural formulas to complement your skin care routine.
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What Is Glycerin?

You may have heard of glycerin before, but like many people, you probably aren't sure just what it is. Glycerin is an ingredient derived from glycerol, a thick liquid that can be natural or synthetic. Natural glycerin is made from fats and oils sourced from plants or animals, while synthetic glycerin is manufactured in laboratories or factories.

There are many products on the market today that contain glycerin, and the substance can be mixed with other compounds to create different chemicals that have their own functions in everyday products. In soaps, glycerin is used as a base or a supportive ingredient.

Bar Soaps That Moisturize

So what are the benefits of using a glycerin soap when it comes time to cleanse your skin? The main one is moisture. Glycerin is a type of moisturizer known as a humectant. When you apply it to your skin, it draws moisture particles from the air into your skin. The moisture binds with the glycerin, so it stays within the skin and increases the amount of hydration in the tissue.

Unlike emollients that add oil to the skin, glycerin provides lightweight hydration, so it can be beneficial even for those with oilier skin types. If ordinary bar soap tends to dry out your skin, switching to a glycerin formula may help you be able to continue to enjoy the convenience of bathing with a bar with less risk of your skin becoming parched.

Natural Options with Glycerin

Many of the glycerin bar soaps available on the market today are considered natural cleansers. The glycerin in these products is usually derived from natural sources rather than being manufactured, and many products feature plant-based glycerin, making them vegetarian friendly.

In addition to containing natural forms of glycerin, natural bar soaps consist of fewer chemical ingredients than their conventional counterparts. A natural bar soap may be the best choice for you if you prefer green products or are prone to sensitivity due to synthetic ingredients like perfumes.

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