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Hair Removal for Men

 – Excess body hair can be an embarrassing and delicate issue for many men, withering their self-confidence. Other guys - seeking a smooth, streamlined look - may simply need to get rid of hair in certain places for stylistic or athletic purposes. Whatever your reason, you do have options if you're looking to cut down a little on your natural hirsuteness. The huge inventory here at drugstore.com includes many products designed for hair removal and related procedures in men - covering quite an impressive spectrum of design and method.
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Beyond the shaving of facial hair most men indulge in daily, removing body hairs from other locations may involve destroying hair follicles or shafts or simply plucking or scraping the strands from the skin. One leading modern technology is laser hair removal, commonly pursued in a professional clinic but increasingly explored at home as well. This procedure destroys individual hair follicles with a focused laser beam. Many factors influence the potential success of laser hair removal and its specific process, including the skin and hair type of the patient and the particular stage of hair growth in the target region.

There are plenty of other possibilities, however, for those who don't want to pursue laser hair removal. Waxes are one commonplace example. Exact function varies from product to product and from brand to brand, but, generally, one applies the warm, viscous wax to the target area, allows it to cool (and thereby harden and seal around hair strands), and then peels it off - along with the trapped hairs. There are other wax-like products, notably sugaring formulations, which serve the same purpose.

Some hair-removal products come in the form of gels, lotions, and sprays. Other options may be abrasive manual exfoliators, which can be a useful tool for removing layers of dead skin cells. Aside from vivifying the look of your skin, the exfoliation process can also cut down on "razor bumps" and associated irritations: ingrown hairs can result from this outer dermatological coat of dead skin, because the tips of growing hairs - particularly curly strands - can that much more easily re-enter the skin and cause aggravation when nested in a thicker layer.

As with any skin- or hair-care product, you want to be discriminating and thorough in your research into hair-removal possibilities. Make note of the areas of the body for which a given product is intended: do they match up with the regions you're interested in defoliating? You'll want to check as well for any specifications on skin or hair type. Beyond the basic item descriptions, you can glean much information from the lists of ingredients, the usage directions, and the customer reviews - all easily accessible from the product profile pages. Also - and, again, as with any product - it may take a few tries to find a method that works for you.

Whether you're a cyclist or swimmer aiming for a few split-seconds' improvement in your performance, or a guy fed up with an unsightly pelt, the shaving and hair removal products at drugstore.com can give you the fine-grain tools you need to pull off a little transformation.

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