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Hair Removal

 – Some hair removal tasks call for something other than a razor. Whether you're a woman wanting to whisk hair away from your upper lip, your bikini area or legs or a man who wants a smoother chest or tamer brows, there are numerous hair removal solutions available to give you the results you desire. At drugstore.com, we have a large selection of hair removal products with something to suit every preference and remove hair from every body part.
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SurgiCare Wax Hair Remover for Bikini, Body & Legs- 4 oz
SurgiCare - Wax Hair Remover for Bikini, Body & Legs - 4 oz
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Topical Solutions for Unwanted Hair

A number of hair removal products on the market today are creams and lotions, and these products tend to fall into one of two categories: bleaches or depilatories.

Bleaches contain chemicals that remove pigment from facial or body hair. While this doesn't eliminate the hair, it does make it lighter in color and much more difficult to notice. The hair will continue to be hard to see until new dark growth emerges from the follicles.

Depilatories are creams, lotions, gels and sprays that actually remove hair. Their formulas contain ingredients that break down body or facial hair. After the depilatory rests on the skin for a certain period of time, it makes the hair so soft and flexible that it can just be wiped or rinsed away. Typically, re-growth is visible within a few days of applying a depilatory.

Supplies for Waxing at Home

Waxing is a service offered at many salons and spas, and it is popular with both men and women because it can remove facial or body hair for longer than depilatories and shaving with a razor. At-home waxing kits make it possible for you to give yourself a waxing hair removal treatment at home.

Hair removal waxes work by capturing the unwanted hair in a sticky substance. When the wax is pulled off the skin, it pulls the hair out of the follicles, removing all of the visible growth along with the roots hidden in the skin. You can purchase spread-able waxes that are pulled off with cloth strips or wax strips that you press into place and then lift off. When performed correctly, waxing can leave skin smooth for roughly four to six weeks.

The Latest Hair Removal Devices

Today, there are a number of gadgets and tools that can help you manage facial and body hair. These products remove hairs, roots and all, providing results that last as long as waxing treatments.

Epilators are one option. These manual tools have metal heads that trap hairs as they move over the skin and then pull them out of the follicles. You can also purchase electronic hair removal devices that plug into the wall or run on batteries. These devices include electrolysis systems and intense pulsed light (IPL) systems. Electrolysis hair removal devices work by delivering electrical current to the hair follicles, causing hairs to fall out. IPL devices also act on the follicles but use intense light rather than electrical current to produce results. Some people find that IPL and electrolysis devices make lasting changes in hair growth with repeated use. In some cases, hair may grow back thinner or more slowly.

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