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Hearing Assistance

 –  Hearing helps you enjoy life to its fullest. It's hard when you can't appreciate the sounds around you and you have difficulty understanding what people say. Fortunately, products are available to help you "tune in" to the sounds you've been missing. Hearing devices help you hear conversation in a noisy room and localize sounds better. You'll also enjoy the fact that you're not saying "what?" as often.
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Devices That Help You Hear

Some people don't want to wear a hearing aid for fear people will notice it. Personal sound amplifiers offer a discrete way to amplify sounds so you can hear them better. This lightweight device attaches easily to your ears and won't attract attention. It looks like the earpiece of a cell phone so no one will know you're wearing a hearing device. You can easily control the sound volume and intensity to meet your individual needs. Sound amplifiers are only designed for people with mild hearing problems - not severe or complete hearing loss.

Caring for Your Hearing Device

It's important to care for your hearing aid properly to maximize its lifespan. One thing that can damage a hearing aid is exposure to moisture. Moisture can damage the microphone, receiver and tubing of your hearing aid. This causes sounds to fade or be muffled or distorted. A hearing aid dehumidifier helps to protect your hearing device from damaging moisture so you can keep it around longer and avoid costly repairs. Just place your hearing aid in the specially-lined box that removes moisture when you're not wearing it. No power or batteries are required.

Another way to protect your hearing aid from moisture is with a hearing aid blower. This handy device removes moisture and earwax from the ear mold and tubing of your hearing aid with a few squeezes. This prolongs the life of your hearing aid and helps you hear more clearly. Keep it handy to quickly clear moisture and debris from your hearing aid.

Help for Tinnitus

If you have hearing loss, you're more likely to suffer with tinnitus. Tinnitus refers to strange sounds such as buzzing or ringing that only you can hear. These sounds are usually most bothersome when you're in a quiet room or trying to sleep. Tinnitus has a variety of causes. It can come from something as simple as embedded earwax or a medication you're taking. It can also be caused by exposure to loud noise or simply a product of aging. See your doctor to find out why you're having this symptom.

A number of ear care products are available to help ease the noises you're hearing. Soothing earplugs that contain aloe vera, B12, zinc, and ginkgo biloba may work naturally with your body to help soften the buzzing and ringing. They fit comfortably inside your ears to help you rest more peacefully. Tinnitus capsules formulated with homeopathic ingredients you take by mouth also offer a natural approach to silencing tinnitus. Don't let tinnitus make it hard for you to sleep when there's help available. Ask your doctor which product is appropriate for you

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