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Invisible and Clear Solids

 –  Keep dry and odor-free without the tell-tale residue that many antiperspirants and deodorants can leave behind. A wide selection of underarm products for men is available in invisible and clear styles. These products avoid stains on shirts and unsightly visible residue with casual and sports clothing. They provide the same active full-strength formulas to help prevent odor-causing bacteria and perspiration. Get the same protection with a more subtle effect.
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Why Clear and Invisible?

For convenience and a subtle approach to personal body care, clear and invisible antiperspirants and deodorants are taking the lead. Solid sticks are, by far, already the most popular way to apply deodorants and antiperspirants. Less sticky than roll-ons and without the annoying cloud of particles that aerosol sprays cause; solid sticks are fast and easy to apply. A stick can even be tucked into a desk drawer or gym bag for a quick, no-fuss touch-up if the need arises later in the day. It's hard to be subtle, though, if the solid leaves a visible residue on the underarms or, worse, transfers to a shirt. Since, unlike women, most men don't shave or even trim their underarm hair, a deodorant and antiperspirant product can leave a visible residue. That is not the most desirable personal care statement that most men want to make.

Not Just Colorless

The carrier material of stick deodorants and antiperspirants is there to deliver the active ingredients to the area being protected, not to become a problem in itself. Invisible and clear underarm products are formulated to provide the best solution to the problem of visible residue. Whether called clear or invisible, their job is to avoid leaving any sign that they are even there. Even if they appear white on the stick, once applied, the carrier material disappears, leaving just the active ingredients to fight odor-causing bacteria and help prevent perspiration. On the sports field, in the office or during an evening out, clear and invisible underarm products for men keep out of sight.

Get the Same Protection

Just because they can't be seen doesn't mean that clear and invisible deodorants and antiperspirants aren't hard at work. To help control odor, antibacterial ingredients go to work to fight unpleasant smells. Full of proteins and fatty acids, perspiration provides an environment in which bacteria flourish. Deodorants may also contain fragrances in order to mask odor between showers. To help reduce perspiration, antiperspirants often contain an aluminum zirconium compound to create a gel plug in the sweat gland ducts themselves. Although they can be easily removed by washing with warm, soapy water, this process provides a reduction in sweat gland activity. Although clear and invisible deodorants and antiperspirants are designed not to be seen, they're still there, doing their job: Keeping men free of odor and wetness.

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