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Irrigation and Power Flossing

 – Irrigation and power flossing devices can help to remove plaque from hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. While your toothbrush can only clean the exposed surfaces of your teeth, power flossers can also clean the areas between your teeth and around the gum line. Oral irrigation can help to support the health of your gums and leave your mouth feeling wonderfully clean and fresh. At drugstore.com, we offer a selection of irrigators and power flossers from top brands like WaterPik.
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How Does a Power Flosser Work?

A power flosser drives a high-pressure jet of water into the gaps between the teeth in order to drive out particles of food that have become stuck there. This process, which is also known as oral irrigation, can help to remove the plaque that builds up between the teeth before it hardens into tartar. Once formed, tartar is very difficult to remove.

Why Use a Power Flosser?

Power flossers make the task of flossing your teeth easy. Like string floss or floss picks, a power flosser cleans the hard-to-reach areas between teeth. However, many people find it much easier to direct the water jet into these tiny spaces than to manipulate string floss. In particular, people who have tightly packed teeth, or dental work such as crowns, braces or bridges, often find a power flosser easier to use.

If you find flossing difficult, or you simply don't like to use string floss, then a power flosser could help you to include interdental care in your regular dental hygiene routine.

Tips for Choosing a Power Flosser or Oral Irrigation System

There are many models of power flossers available. When deciding which model you want to buy, consider the features that each one offers. For example, some irrigators include a massage mode, which uses pulsed jets of water to stimulate your gums.

You may also want to choose an irrigator that has several different pressure settings so you can reduce the pressure if your gums are sensitive or increase it for a more vigorous cleaning experience.

If you want to travel with your power flosser, then consider choosing a compact model that comes with a travel case.

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