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Lens Care

 –  Contact lenses can greatly improve your vision, but they also require you to begin a daily care routine to ensure that your lenses remain in the best condition and that your eyes remain healthy. A number of solutions and accessories are required for proper contact lens care, and you can find all of the best formulas and products at great prices in the Lens Care department at drugstore.com.
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Keeping Your Contact Lenses Clean

Even if you cannot see dirt, debris and microbes on your contact lenses when you're wearing them or handling them, fine particulates are constantly collecting on the surface of your lenses. The accumulation of debris on contacts can diminish the clarity of your vision if not addressed, and it can also increase your risk of developing eye infections due to bacteria. A variety of cleaners and disinfectants are available to help you keep your contacts clean and hygienic. Cleaners are products that are used to loosen debris lenses, while disinfectants help to kill bacteria and other microbes. Depending on your needs, you may purchase these products individually or choose a combination disinfectant and cleaner.

Rinsing and Storing Your Lenses Safely

Although the solution that your contact lenses arrive in looks like plain water, tap water should never be used for storing contacts or rinsing them after cleansing, disinfecting or in the event that a foreign object becomes stuck on one. Only products made for rinsing and storing contact lenses like saline solution are safe to utilize. You can also purchase multi-purpose solutions that are used to cleanse, rinse and soak contacts. If you are able to use this type of product, you can simplify your contact lens routine and save money on supplies.

Making Contacts More Comfortable

Even if you are scrupulous about following your contact lens care routine, you may develop discomfort when wearing your contacts for long periods of time. This is often caused by dryness, as throughout the day, moisture can evaporate from lenses, making them rough against the surface of your eye. Rewetting drops can be used to lubricate contacts and alleviate feelings of discomfort. In some cases, using rewetting drops frequently can cut down on redness of the eyes associated with contacts. Because other problems can cause eye discomfort in contact lens wearers as well, be sure to talk to your eye doctor about any new symptoms before addressing the problem with rewetting drops alone.

Choosing the Right Products

To get the best results from your contact lens care routine, you need to purchase the right products and use them as directed. Your eye doctor will likely tell you what types of products you should be using on a daily basis. He or she may advise you to buy hard contact solutions for your hard contacts or recommend a specific brand or type of product. Always follow your eye doctor's instructions in order to ensure that the formulas and accessories you are using are the best choice for promoting healthy eyes and clear vision.

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