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Medications and Pain Relief

 –  Almost everyone has mouth pain at one time or another, whether it’s caused by a canker sore or as a result of dental work. Oral pain can be distracting, and it can also make it hard for you to eat. At drugstore.com, we offer a variety of products that temporarily relieve the discomfort of mouth pain. We carry products that are safe and effective for children and adults, so you and your entire family can get relief should mouth pain strike. Be sure to see your doctor or dentist if you’re experiencing oral pain and ask which types of products are right for you.
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Quantum Health Lip Clear Invisible Cold Sore Bandage- 12 ea
Quantum Health - Lip Clear Invisible Cold Sore Bandage - 12 ea
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Different Types of Mouth Pain

Mouth sores come in all shapes and sizes. Canker sores and toothaches can spring up unexpectedly, while accidental injuries may occur from using a toothbrush that's too hard or biting your tongue or cheek when eating. Orthodontic devices, such as braces, and dentures can be another source of mouth irritation. Dry mouth issues can cause discomfort and frustration. For these types of sores and discomfort, mouth rinses, gels and other products can be applied to help ease the soreness until the area heals.

Soothing Mouth Rinses

Mouth rinses with ingredients like hydrogen peroxide are often recommended by health professionals to help relieve minor mouth irritations. These rinses may help reduce swelling to your gums and cheeks. If you wear orthodontic devices or dentures, these types of rinses may be useful for easing gum irritation.

For painful mouth sores, you'll find an assortment of rinses, both medicated and non-medicated, that help soothe abraded or blistered oral tissues. There are medicated products formulated with the anesthetic benzocaine to help temporarily numb the painful area. There are also medication-free mouth rinses that form a soothing barrier over a wound or blister to help you get relief. Rinses for dry mouth are made with ingredients that help lubricate and moisten the mouth. You'll also find options that are free of alcohol.

Gel and Cream Oral Pain Relief Products

In addition to rinses, there are also gel and cream products designed to be applied directly to the sore or injured area. Some of these products contain ingredients like benzocaine that temporarily deaden the pain of oral injuries and cold sores and are available in a variety of forms for your convenience. Some medicated products for cold sores are enriched with natural ingredients like zinc and lysine that may aid in the management of cold sores. Some of these products offer hours of pain relief, so you can comfortably eat or talk.

Solutions for Cold Sores

Although they’re common, cold sores can leave people feeling very self-conscious. Unlike canker sores, cold sores are caused by a virus. We offer products that can promote healing of cold sores while soothing the skin and reducing dryness and irritation.


The pain associated with toothaches can be excruciating. We offer products with pain-relieving ingredients like benzocaine and menthol to help ease the discomfort until you get in to see your dentist and find out what’s causing your pain.

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