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Men's Hair Color

 –  Both men and women often turn to hair color products, whether to try out a new look or to deal with the going-gray process closely associated with aging. Some guys find the salt-and-pepper or frosty-white look appealing, associating it with an elegant air of wisdom, maturity, and power. Others may bemoan the transformation of their original hair color, worried the change suggests a loss of youthful vigor and attractiveness.
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Both sorts of men may find coloring formulas useful for their hair care routine. In the case of the first, to manage the pace and extent of the gray; and in the case of the second, to try to combat it altogether.

Look here for men's hair care products, from special shampoos and conditioners to foams, gels, and creams. Adjusting the hue of your locks or your facial hair doesn't have to be difficult. As with anything else, you just need the proper tools and techniques.

Adjusting Hair Color

The natural shift to gray and white hair strands can start up at virtually any age. Many guys begin to notice the earliest signs by their late 20s or early 30s.

These days, celebrities switching their hair color seems as natural as mixing it up wardrobe-wise. As they do so, however, they're simply following a longstanding human tradition. As Marshall Brain notes in a "HowStuffWorks" feature on hair coloring, for example, people in Ancient Rome favored dark shades of hair and achieved this by mixing boiled walnuts and leeks into a suitable dye.

Today's hair-coloring products typically employ ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Some of the groundbreaking work in the modern industry stemmed from the laboratory of Eugene Schuller, a chemist who founded L'Oreal in the early 1900s.

Levels of Color Adjustment

Not all hair color products function the same way--which is good, because different guys have different aims when it comes to modifying their look. Semi-permanent coloring products, which don't contain ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, operate in the cuticle and the cortex of your hair to bolster its natural color and mask gray through temporary coating. Such applications usually persist through six to 12 rounds of shampooing.

Demi-permanent coloring products, which may contain hydrogen peroxide, last longer, upwards of 24 to 26 shampoo washes. Permanent coloring products achieve long-term effects with color particles that expand upon entering the hair's cortex and create a new base hue before shifting the shafts to the desired modified one. "Permanent" notwithstanding, you'll still likely need to do touch-ups to contend with emerging roots of your original color.

Choosing and Using Hair-Coloring Products

You'll want to select a hair color based on your original hue, your hair type, and--naturally--your ambitions. Every coloring formula will include instructions for testing it in a safe, inconspicuous manner to ensure it's right for your particular head of hair. Often you can try a lighter shade of a given product to err on the side of caution, then move to a darker one if you so desire.

Whether you're touching up your locks or your beard, coloring products give you a little bit of say when it comes to the salt-and-pepper process.

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