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Men's Hair Color

 –  Are you noticing a little salt-and-pepper creeping into your mop? It's a lucky guy who doesn't eventually start seeing his hair turn gray, then white. It's a common development with age. When exactly it happens, meanwhile, varies: You may not start graying until your 50s or 60s, where another guy starts getting grizzled as a 30-year-old. Your natural genetics establish the timetable, also influenced by various physiological and environmental factors.
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The age-related graying and whitening of human hair is called achromotrichia. The dusky strands aren't the end of the world, but many men aren't ready to see them set in--or want to control as best they can their onset. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for doing so. You've navigated your way to the right place. drugstore.com has a rich lineup of men's hair color products.

Whether you're specifically looking to combat the salt-and-pepper transformation of aging, or you're thinking of switching up the hue of your locks for the fun of it, you'll discover products to help you achieve your goals right here.

Hair Coloring

When you're first considering coloring your hair--whether it's your up-top mane or your facial hair, or both--the prospect can be a bit intimidating. Understanding the most general fundamentals of hair coloring can clear up some of the confusion and bolster your confidence.

First off, remember that the approach is nothing new. The Ancient Greeks and the Romans both happily pursued hair dyeing, favoring colors associated with admired traits such as grit or simply those that conformed to passing fashion.

What are the Different Categories of Hair Color?

There are three major categories of hair-coloring products: semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. Semi-permanent coloring products don't substantially impact your hair's natural pigment. They transfer diminutive hued molecules into the cuticle and cortex of your hair, where they work to bolster your natural shade and hide gray. Such coloring agents are typically washed out after six or 12 rounds of shampooing.

Demi-permanent coloring products are more resilient. The larger molecules involved combine within the hair cortex to adjust your mane's hue, a transformation that typically withstands 24 to 26 shampoo cleanses.

Permanent color treatments employ expanding color molecules that create long-lasting pigment changes in the hair cortex. They typically establish a fresh base hue to your hair by lightening its color, and then introduce a shade. The end result is a marriage of your original hair color and a new one.

Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are leading ingredients in products that induce a change in hair color resilient past 12 shampoo applications. Demi-permanent solutions usually just contain hydrogen peroxide while permanent solutions are typically mixed with both hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

Basic Tips for Hair Coloring

You'll certainly want to play around a bit with coloring products to find the perfect color for your hair. Don't forget to perform the strand test, an err-on-the-side-of-caution procedure explained in the directions of most hair-coloring mixtures. Make sure, too, that you don't sabotage your coloring efforts with other hair care products inappropriate to the endeavor. Seek out shampoos and the like that are formulated for color-treated locks.

Don't settle for fast-spreading gray if you don't like it. Reach for the right tool!

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