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Men's Razors and Blades

 – When most men think about "personal grooming," shaving is the first word to come to mind. Whether you like the impeccably clean-shaven look or have a facial-hair style you've got to keep in shape, regular shaving is one of the fundamental means by which you achieve and maintain the look of your face. That's no small order: your countenance draws the eye first and foremost, and whether it's romance, business, or simply a social outing, you don't want to project shoddiness or low self-confidence. Even intentional scruffiness requires a little TLC to pull off well.
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Here you'll discover drugstore.com's inventory of shaving and hair removal products for men, from razors and razor blades to blade-sharpeners and shaving brushes. Spend a little time researching and mulling here, and you can come away fully stocked for topnotch personal grooming that takes your dermatological well-being as much into account as unfailingly effective performance.

Shaving may seem simple and straightforward--you're just mowing down whiskers, right? Yet problems with the practice abound, ranging from ineffectual hair removal to skin aggravation. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests close to 80 percent of men experience irritation when they shave. Such a statistic reveals how easy it is to have an unsatisfying shaving experience - and, for those who don't take the time and energy to remedy the issue, a lifetime's worth of dissatisfaction. The complications can arise from improper shaving technique or poor-quality shaving tools; they also relate to the inherent makeup of your particular skin, which obviously influences your sensitivity to inflammation and other adverse reactions to the razor.

"Razor bumps" are one of the most prevalent maladies connected to shaving, and arise from ingrown hairs. The technical term is "pseudofolliculitis barbae." Particularly common for men with curly hair, the condition arises when growing hairs double back and penetrate the skin with their tips - a phenomenon that can be exacerbated by shaving against the direction of hair growth. This aggravates the skin and can result in rugged nodules: the razor bumps. Razor burn refers to general skin irritation and redness caused by shaving.

Some basic tips for reducing razor burn, razor bumps, and other dermatological shaving side effects include shaving along the grain of hair growth and avoiding repeated strokes over one spot. The latter tendency tends to spring from the reasonable desire many men have for an extremely close shave, but somebody who suffers from regular skin irritation may want to ease off that standard. Wetting the skin ahead of the shave and moisturizing following it are other basic preventive practices.

Using high-quality shaving products appropriate for your complexion is another basic way to mitigate shaving complications. If your face is easily irritated, look for items specially formulated or designed for sensitive skin, and if a particular product isn't working for you, search around for the many alternatives. Beyond the razors and blades listed here, you'll find other helpful products, including full shaving sets with all the essentials bundled together.

Anything you can do to make shaving quicker, easier, and more effective is worth the time it takes to select thoughtfully made shaving products. Start your search right here.

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