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 –  Dry, dull, brittle hair is not only difficult to style, but it can appear drab and lifeless. Why put up with it? Make moisturizing shampoos part of a regular hair care regimen and regain the strength, shine and suppleness that are the hallmarks of healthy hair. Specially formulated to correct pH balance, restore scalp tissues and improve the integrity of hair shaft structure, these shampoos can bring hair back to life.
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What Makes Hair Dry?

Healthy hair should not be dry and brittle. That condition is a warning sign that something is out of balance. Often, the causes can be traced to frequent hair coloring, the use of blow drying at too high a temperature, using shampoos that strip the natural oils from the hair shafts or a scalp problem that affects the follicles and sebaceous glands that produce the protective oil for hair. Heat, particularly from over-enthusiastic blow drying, not only dries out the layer of oil on the hair but can damage the cuticle (the outer layer) of hair.

The process of hair coloring includes the opening of the cuticle layer, to allow the bleaching agent and dye to reach the cortex layer. Repeated dying can permanently damage hair, leaving it dry and brittle. A dry scalp condition can also dramatically affect the condition of hair, reducing the availability of natural oil for the hair and weakening the shafts at the roots. The use of the right moisturizing shampoos can be part of a hair care regimen to help mitigate these conditions.

What Moisturizing Shampoos Do

As part of a hair care program for naturally dry hair or to help repair hair damage by over-processing, moisturizing shampoos can be used to bring hair and scalp back into balance. In their role as shampoos, they are formulated to clean hair gently, washing out dirt and previous hair product without completely stripping away the natural oils that are necessary for healthy, supple hair. Many brands are buffered, to help bring the pH of hair back to its natural balance. Some moisturizing shampoos include conditioners that add keratin or botanical extracts to help strengthen the cuticle layer of hair shafts. Dry, flaking scalp conditions can also be addressed with these shampoos, providing anti-itch ingredients and botanical oils and extracts to moisturize the scalp tissues.

Find What Works for You

Hair is as individual as the person it belongs to. The choice of the right moisturizing shampoo to help prevent or repair dry, brittle hair depends upon the cause and extent of the condition. Fortunately, there are many different products from which to choose. Each has its own formula with ingredients to specifically address any of a range of causes and conditions. With continued use, moisturizing shampoos can be part of a hair care regimen that restores hair to a beautiful, shiny, strong and supple condition.

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