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 – What do people see when you smile? Your teeth have a major impact on your appearance. When you flash a pearly, white smile, the world smiles back at you. That's why you want your teeth to look their best. Regular trips to the dentist should be on the agenda but there's a lot you can do at home to whiten and brighten your smile.
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With age, teeth that were once white can lose some of their luster. The reason? Years of sipping soft drinks and eating acidic foods wear away some of the protective enamel that keeps teeth looking their brightest. Plus, if you sip coffee, red wine or drink tea, these beverages darken tooth enamel and leave behind stains. Even popular foods like chocolate, that you probably don't want to give up, can darken and stain your teeth over time.

Is there a solution? Whitening toothpastes can certainly help to brighten dingy smiles but it's not the only way to lighten and whiten dingy, stained teeth. A whitening mouth rinse offers additional stain-fighting, tooth-brightening power. These rinses are available in fresh flavors like mint that go to work to remove surface stains on your teeth that detract from your smile's appearance.

Some whitening mouthwashes go a step further, helping to restore lost tooth enamel as they whiten to build a healthier, more attractive smile. Some whitening mouthwashes are formulated with ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate that whiten while killing bacteria that cause gum disease and bad breath. It's a way to freshen your breath while removing stains, and with flavors like fresh mint, your mouth will feel clean and refreshed.

Ever carried mouthwash in your luggage while traveling and had it spill inside? What a mess! Fortunately, you don't have to leave your teeth whitening mouthwash at home to avoid a wet bag or suitcase. Tap into the convenience and simplicity of single-dose whitening mouthwashes available in powder form. Each dose of powdered teeth whitening mouthwash is sealed in its own individual, easy-to-use packet that travels safely whether you're going by air or by car. Just add water to the contents of the packet and you're ready to whiten and freshen up your breath anytime, anywhere.

For enhanced whitening power, begin your oral care routine with a pre-rinse to remove surface stains before brushing. Pre-rinses contain ingredients that help to reduce plaque that contributes to gum disease while offering protection against future stains. Pre-rinses are a good way to "prep" your teeth and mouth before brushing. It takes under a minute using a pre-rinse to prepare your mouth for brushing.

Whether you want whiter teeth, fresh breath or simply want to keep bad bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay at bay, there are whitening mouth rinses available to help you do the job. They won't replace regular brushing or flossing or a regular check-up at the dentist, but they can improve the appearance of your smile - and that's something to smile about!

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