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Orthodontic Care

 –  Orthodontics is the dental specialty that deals with correcting problems with the alignment and positioning of the teeth and jaws and can treat problems like crooked or gapped teeth and overbites. If you are currently under the care of an orthodontist, you likely have unique dental care needs that must be addressed to ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy during treatment. At drugstore.com, we have a large selection of orthodontic care products available to assist you.
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G-U-M Soft-Picks- 120 ea
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Plackers Orthopick Flosser for Braces- 24 Each
Plackers - Orthopick Flosser for Braces - 24 Each
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G-U-M Gum Stimulator, 600RQ- 1 ea
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Products for Simplifying Flossing

Braces are often used as a part of orthodontic treatment and help to change the positioning of the teeth and jaws through the application of prolonged pressure. While braces can be highly beneficial for treating many problems, they can complicate oral care. One of the biggest challenges to dental hygiene posed by braces is proper flossing, as the brackets and wires can make it very difficult to fully clean between and around the teeth. Fortunately, you can still remove the bacteria and food particles that can build up along the gum line and in the spaces between teeth with orthodontic care products.

What Are Dental Flossers?

One option is to use flossers. These dental floss products are specially designed to allow for easier control, so that you can reach around braces and other orthodontic appliances. In addition to flossers, there are handheld interdental cleaning tools available for reaching between and around teeth.

What Are Water Flossers?

Water flossers are also available to simplify flossing. These battery-operated or electrical devices shoot pressurized streams of water through a small head to rinse the areas between the teeth and along the gums. The force of the water can dislodge debris when the water flosser is used correctly. Your orthodontist or dental hygienist may recommend that you use a specific type of flosser, interdental cleaner or water flosser to ensure best results.

What Is a Proxabrush?

When you wear braces, food and bacteria can often get caught behind the wires and on the sides of the brackets. A toothbrush can remove some of this debris, but often, traditional tooth-brushing is not enough to fully clean braces. As a result, orthodontists often recommend the use of a proxabrush. This cleaning tool is a long wire with a rounded tip that is covered with bristles all the way around its head. A proxabrush can be safely inserted behind the wires of braces to remove any debris that has become trapped. An orthodontist or dental hygienist can show you how to use a proxabrush as a part of your daily dental hygiene routine.

Solutions for Cleaning Removable Appliances

Oftentimes, orthodontic treatment involves the use of appliances that are removable, such as retainers, aligners and lip bumpers. These orthodontic appliances must be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them free of food particles and bacteria. Your orthodontist will provide you with instructions as to how to best clean your removable appliance. Whether he or she recommends that you use a soak, a brush or an electrical device for cleaning, you can find the supplies that you need to adhere to his or her instructions here at drugstore.com.

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