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Pain Relief

 –  Women have special needs that they don't necessarily feel comfortable talking about, issues like vaginal yeast infections, menstrual cramps and vaginal dryness and irritation. When you're young there are problems like pre-menstrual tension, menstrual cramps and bloating to deal with on a monthly basis - not to mention the period itself. A menstrual period can be uncomfortable and an inconvenience, but, fortunately, there are products available to make the days leading up to a period and the period itself go a little more smoothly.
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For bloating, backache, and pre-menstrual tension, you'll find over-the-counter medications specially formulated to address and potentially ease up the most common symptoms of PMS. There are a number of formulations to choose from. Some of these products contain caffeine and aspirin or acetaminophen that target bloating and cramping. For a natural, drug-free approach to addressing PMS symptoms, there are herbal and homeopathic remedies made especially for women who suffer with monthly irritability and fluid retention. Best of all these options are drug-free. Some even help with one of the most unpleasant monthly symptoms, menstrual cramps. Don't forget to keep plenty of maxi pads on hand. It pays to be prepared!

Feminine cleaning is another issue for women of all ages. Sometimes vaginal tissues become dry and irritated, especially in women after menopause. A vaginal moisturizer works quickly to soothe dry, irritated vaginal tissues and ease inflammation. For itching, anti-itch medicated wipes calm uncomfortable vaginal irritation while helping to control embarrassing odor. Another common problem women of all ages experience are urinary tract infections. With urinary tract infection test strips, you can test your urine at home to look for bacterial infection in your urinary tract in only two minutes. These test strips are easy to use and read and require little clean up or inconvenience.

At the other end of the spectrum, women making the transition through menopause have feminine care issues of their own. As hormones fluctuate during peri-menopause and menopause, it's not uncommon to experience hot flashes, a major inconvenience if you're trying to sleep or work. A growing number of women are choosing not to use conventional hormone replacement therapy and, instead, seeking relief from hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause by using natural plant-based formulations like wild yam gel. Other plant-based creams contain ingredients like DHEA and pregnenolone that help to re-balance fluctuating hormone levels and restore balance. For dry vaginal tissues, there's vaginal moisturizer to help replenish the natural vaginal moisture that your body makes less of after menopause. What about those pesky hot flashes that come out of nowhere? Keep a mini-cooling pillow around for cooling down quickly when a hot flash strikes. Carry one with you on trips and for more restful sleep at night.

As you can see, there are feminine care products for women of all ages to help address the discomfort of menstrual periods and hormonal changes that happen after menopause. Though many OTC products are beneficial it’s always best to consult with your doctor to see what's best for you. Also be sure to check out our selection of other feminine essentials such as tampons and many other personal care needs.

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