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Permed and Color Treated

 –  Getting a color treatment or a perm can be a great way to add some new life and personality to your hair. Unfortunately, the chemicals used as part of these common treatments tend to do a number on your locks, leaving them very fragile. In order to wash your chemically processed hair, you'll want to use one of the many shampoos on drugstore.com specifically designed for the job.
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How Do Color Treatments and Perms Damage Hair?

Permanently coloring your hair or getting a perm is going to cause some level of damage to your locks, regardless of what products you use. Harsh ingredients like ammonia and peroxide are instrumental to color treatments, and the chemicals involved with getting a perm or straightening treatment literally break down your individual strands of hair before reforming them to be either curly or straight. While the products are eventually washed out, the hair they leave behind is usually unrecognizable when compared to how it started. It's no wonder, then, why chemically treated hair tends to be extremely fragile. In order to fight brittle, limp, and/or weak hair, you need to immediately begin treating your tresses with hair care products that are specially formulated for colored or permed hair.

Caring for the Special Needs of Chemically Treated Hair

The most common complaint among people with chemically treated hair is that it gets extremely dry. Since the structure of each strand undergoes a physical change, hair often isn't able to hold in moisture as well as it can in its natural state. If you have hair that has been color treated, you also need to think about maintaining the color and ensuring that your hair doesn't become dull as the dye gets washed away.

In order to fight dryness and/or preserve color, drugstore.com has a wide selection of shampoos specifically formulated for chemically processed hair. These products are designed to be extremely gentle on your locks while still removing the dirt and oils that make hair look dirty. You will often find that the best gentle shampoos are manufactured without ingredients like sulfates which can dry out hair further and can cause color to fade. These products also help your hair maintain its natural oils while washing away dirt. After shampooing, you should always follow up with conditioners for color treated and permed hair to infuse extra moisture into your strands and coat hair in protective proteins to help minimize further damage.

How to Shampoo Your Processed Hair

Many stylists recommend shampooing chemically treated hair only when it is absolutely necessary--twice a week if possible. Rinse your hair before washing and then work your shampoo in, making sure to give your scalp and roots the most attention because these are the areas that tend to get dirtiest. If you are using a shampoo without sulfates, don't be surprised if the product doesn't produce the lather you are used to. These shampoos are formulated to be very effective without creating as many suds. In order to avoid damaging your hair further, be gentle when rubbing shampoo into your hair. Simply apply, and then wash the product away.

Your tresses may not be in great shape after being chemically treated, but drugstore.com has all the tools you need to restore their health. Find the perfect shampoo for your color treated or permed hair today.

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