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Plus Conditioner

 –  When you lead a busy life, the last thing you need is to waste more time in the shower. Still, unless you want your hair to get grimy, dry, and damaged, then shampooing and conditioning are both essential steps. Here at drugstore.com, we have shampoo plus conditioner products for men that combine the benefits of both hair care formulas into a single bottle. These products allow you to show off clean and healthy hair without spending too much time achieving it.
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Cleaning Dirt and Oil

If you've ever gone for more than a few days without showering, you'll definitely understand why shampoo is necessary. In addition to hair collecting dirt and other contaminants from your environment, your body actually creates a substance that makes your hair and scalp feel greasy. Known as sebum, this natural excretion preserves hair health at first, but it quickly starts to make your locks look flat and dirty. Shampoo uses detergent ingredients that allow water to wash away excess oil from your hair and scalp--promoting a clean look that lasts.

Revitalizing Hair Health

The downside to shampoo is that it is actually too effective at getting hair clean. In addition to washing away unwanted dirt and oil, shampoo also tends to strip away moisture that is necessary for hair health. Conditioners work to revitalize hair by rehydrating it and imparting ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. Conditioner also promotes smoother and easier-to-manage hair by balancing pH and helping the stacked cuticle cells that comprise each individual strand to lie flat.

2-in-1 and 3-in-1 Products

Shampoo and conditioner need to work in tandem to ensure that hair gets clean without getting damaged, so it makes sense to use products that impart the benefits of both. 2-in-1 formulas moisturize and smooth hair while they also bond with the dirt and oil molecules to wash them away.

Shampoo plus conditioner products make showering a little bit quicker and are a particular favorite among multi-taskers. 3-in-1 products take the convenience factor a step further by also functioning as body wash. Especially handy for traveling (because you only have to bring one bottle with you instead of three), these formulas are still very effective.

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