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 –  Put simply, men start to stink when they are active throughout the day. Body odor is a naturally occurring problem, but it can be embarrassing unless you figure out the best way to keep it at bay. Since moisture is partially responsible for the germs that make you extra pungent, you might decide that a powder deodorant is your best bet for smelling fresh, and we have a wide assortment of powders for you to consider here at drugstore.com.
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Fighting Odor with Powder

Everybody sweats--whether it's because they are active, stressed, or too hot. While this sweat is essentially odorless when it first comes out of your pores, its moisture promotes the growth of bacteria on your skin. These bacteria thrive in the warm and moist environment that sweaty skin provides, and they release the rank smell often associated with body odor.

So, what can you do to stop the reproduction of these germs? Drying up the moisture is a good place to start. Powders are absorbent by nature, and they can be used to keep your skin dry even after sweat is released. By absorbing some of the wetness, you can start a chain reaction to reduce odor. Many deodorant powders also have pleasant fragrances of their own that cover up any lingering malodor and help you exude freshness all day long.

Types of Powders and Specialty Products

Different deodorant powders use a wide array of ingredients for absorption, though popular components might include talc, cornstarch, and/or baking soda. Some powder products also help fight the itching, burning, and chaffing often associated with sweating by promoting a cooling sensation that keeps your skin feeling as comfortable as possible.

To prevent skin from getting irritated when it's kept dry, certain powders include ingredients like aloe vera that soothe and soften skin. Since many brands have realized that applying powder directly to skin can be a messy endeavor, products like spray powders and powder lotions have been created to make this type of deodorant easier to use. These formulas have a liquid component at first, but it evaporates almost instantly and leaves only powder behind on skin.

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