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 –  The odor caused by sweat can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, which is why most people rely on antiperspirants and deodorants to keep the problem at bay. Often, the best way to repel odor is by getting rid of the moisture that causes it, and deodorant powders are an effective way to do so. drugstore.com has a wide selection of powders for men that can keep you fresh and dry.
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How Does Moisture Cause Odor?

When examining how any product works to stop odor, it's important first to understand where odor comes from. When your body gets overheated--because of exercise, anxiety, or standing in the sun for too long--sweat is released onto your skin as a natural cooling mechanism. While sweat itself doesn't actually smell bad, the warm moisture on your skin creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. As these bacteria grow and multiply, they release the scent that is commonly associated with body odor. The most common locations for odor are simply the areas of your body that are most prone to get sweaty and retain moisture, including your feet, groin, and armpits.

Using Powders to Fight Odor

People all over the world have been covering themselves in powders to fight odor for centuries. The science behind deodorant powder is simple: if the powder absorbs moisture as soon as it is released from your body, then bacteria don't have a suitable environment in which to grow. And without bacteria, you don't have to worry about odor. Many of these powders also have fresh scents infused into them, so they will help you smell good in addition to keeping away unwanted moisture.

Types of Deodorant Powder for Men

You can find a wide range of different deodorant powders for men on drugstore.com, many of which vary based on the types of ingredients used, the way they are applied, and the area of your body that they are formulated to keep dry. Some of the most common ingredients found in deodorant powders include talc, baking soda, and cornstarch, which all absorb moisture quickly and leave skin dry and fresh. Many products also include natural oils with antibacterial properties, including tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and lavender. In order to keep skin from drying out too much, these powders may also have ingredients like aloe or calamine infused into them to keep skin smooth and healthy.

Other Powder Products

Certain products are actually powders even though they may come packaged in a different form. Some deodorant powders can be found in spray cans or as lotions, but they are formulated with liquid ingredients that evaporate almost immediately after application. These products may be easier for you to apply than loose powder, but they work the same way once they make contact with your skin. Many powders are recommended for use all over your body, but others are specifically designed to be applied to certain areas like your feet or groin.

Getting rid of unwanted moisture and bacteria is easy with a deodorant powder designed for men. Browse the assortment of products available from drugstore.com to help you feel more comfortable and make you smell great.

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