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 –  All joking aside, excessive sweating can be a truly exasperating and embarrassing issue. For a man, who naturally possesses larger sweat glands than his female counterpart, the situation can be particularly problematic. Overwhelming body odor can ruin a date and clear out a classroom. Excessive perspiration, meanwhile, can be downright uncomfortable even when it's not particularly odor-causing. In most cases, sweat and the associated stench can be successfully managed.
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Like anything else, controlling perspiration and odor just takes the right tools. Look through the men's roll-on deodorant and antiperspirant inventory right here at drugstore.com. With a little research, you're sure to find something that can remedy the issue. You can stop settling for humiliating and uncomfortable perspiration complications.

Sweating and Body Odor

You don't simply have one variety of sweat gland. You actually have two, although only one is usually a problem when it comes to rank odors. The typically innocent kind is the eccrine gland, which is widely distributed across the body and which exudes directly onto the skin an odor-free mixture of sweat and water, mainly to help you regulate your body temperature.

Tucked away in more localized distribution are the apocrine glands. These are specifically associated with sites of dense hair follicles, such as the scalp, the groin, and the underarms. These secrete a heavier blend of fatty acids and proteins through hair follicles and out onto the skin, usually when you're feeling stressed-out, anxious, or otherwise perturbed. The sweat generated by the apocrine glands, like the productions of the eccrine gland, doesn't initially smell at all when it's first emitted. However, bacteria will flock to the site and cause the odor associated with sweat.

Excessive perspiration, meanwhile, is called hyperhidrosis, and it may be caused by a whole host of factors, including diet, disease, and medication side effects. See your doctor if you experience excessive perspiration.

Tackling the Issue

Antiperspirants and deodorants can offer much-needed relief, although they target different aspects of the sweating process. Antiperspirants use ingredients such as aluminum to physically block your sweat pores, temporarily reducing the flow of sweat onto your skin surface and therefore starving out odor-causing bacteria. Deodorants don't affect the flow of perspiration. Instead, they acidify, salinize, or adjust in some other way the chemistry of your sweat to make it less hospitable to the microbes.

If unacceptable body odor is your problem, therefore, either a deodorant or antiperspirant might be the answer. If, however, you're concerned with reducing how much you sweat, an antiperspirant is the product to try. You'll discover that many sweat- and odor-fighting formulas combine both deodorizing and antiperspirant capabilities.

Roll-on deodorants and antiperspirants such as those offered right here can be your safeguard against attention-grabbing stench or highly conspicuous sweat stains. Stock yourself with several to have on hand wherever and whenever you might need them--on the field, on the town, or on the job.

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