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Roll On

 –  Pungent body odor and excessive wetness can make you stick out like a sore thumb. Fortunately, it's very easy to keep these issues at bay when you use one of the roll on deodorant products from our extensive selection here at drugstore.com. Easily applied and formulated with ingredients that last all day long, these products are popular among men of all ages. Stay fresh with roll on deodorants that eradicate malodor and antiperspirants that keep you dry.
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Deodorant and Antiperspirant – What’s the Difference?

Deodorants and antiperspirants help control body odor in two distinctly different ways, but it's important to understand where odor comes from in order to choose the best product for you.

Your sweat glands release moisture as part of your body's cooling mechanism, and that sweat pools in certain places, such as the area under the arms. While sweat itself is basically odorless, a warm and moist environment serves as the perfect breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. As these germs thrive and reproduce, they release the foul smell typically associated with body odor.

Deodorants are designed to neutralize or mask odor with fragrance.

Antiperspirants tackle the issue by temporarily blocking pores in order to reduce sweat. By limiting wetness, they curb odor as well.

Both types of products also often have fresh fragrances of their own that mask any remaining body odor. Choosing either deodorant or antiperspirant is essentially a matter of personal preference, though you should note that only antiperspirants will fight excessive wetness. You can even find clinical-strength antiperspirants that contain ingredients to stand up against particularly heavy sweat.

Benefits of Roll On Products

Roll on deodorants are some of the most popular products among men because they are easy to apply and are long-lasting. Liquid or gel deodorant ingredients are contained within the product's packaging, and small amounts are released and spread across skin via a roller-ball applicator.

Since these products go on wet, you usually need to wait for a few minutes for them to dry before getting dressed to avoid transfer to your clothes. Certain products are designed to go on clear so that they can avoid staining altogether.

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