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 –  Take control of your morning routine with the best technology of body odor prevention! Even after a fresh shower or bath, just when you're feeling your best, there is still the danger of body odor later in the day. The reaction of bacteria with the natural oils, sweat and flaking skin cells - even under your arms - can combine to create the odors that can offend. There is a way to protect yourself from the underarm odor challenges of the day ahead. The technology of roll-on antiperspirants and deodorants can provide a guard against the specific causes of perspiration and body odor. These odors can occur as a result of how your skin and its by-products can cause your skin to naturally react: A variety of available antiperspirants and deodorants help to prevent and block the basic causes of these reactions, to keep you feeling fresh and secure, even without added scents. The roll-on mechanism of spreading the antiperspirant and deodorants was developed specifically to help apply the layer of deodorant and antiperspirant onto your underarms, allowing a smooth and comfortable layer of control.
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Thai Deodorant Stone Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone, In Bag- 1 ea
Thai Deodorant Stone - Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone, In Bag - 1 ea
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To help achieve the long-term feeling of freshness, roll-on antiperspirants and deodorants for men offer many different choices for a continued fresh feeling throughout the day. Antiperspirants are meant to help keep those sweat glands from becoming over-active, to create a gentle, temporary waxy coating within the apocrine (sweat) glands. That means a relief from perspiration - a way to prevent creating the very conditions that can cause the conditions of body odor. Antiperspirants control the development of microbes that create chemical changes in perspiration: Microbes can begin to break down the elements in sweat, causing a scent that can be offensive to many others.

Every morning is a fresh start; with a shower or bath to clean away the old skin oils and residue. That is only the beginning, however. Your skin, particularly under your arms, has the potential of creating the conditions that can result in body odor that can offend others, particularly during the times when you least want to cause a problem. The human underarm is the most consistently warm portion of the body, and it also contains the highest concentration of sweat glands. That's not a coincidence: Those sweat glands are there to help cool off - to wick away - the body heat through the cooling effect of evaporation. The perspiration, however, provides just the right conditions for the development of bacterial growth. As these bacteria break down the combination of the fatty acids created by the sweat and the dead and dying skin cells, the microbial activity is sure to create a cause of embarrassment. Let the ingredients of the antiperspirants help to regulate the sweat glands, to prevent that uncomfortable feeling of wetness, which can also create the conditions for bacterial growth. The deodorant ingredients also help to provide antimicrobial benefits, against the growth of perspiration-based bacteria. You might also be interested in our soft solids and sticks.

Please apply deodorants and antiperspirants only to the underarms. Do not use them on broken skin. If any rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use, and seek medical advice if warranted.

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