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 –  For some people, the simple act of sipping a cup of coffee or biting into an ice-cream can cause discomfort. This can range from a minor twinge to a shooting pain in the mouth. This tenderness may be the result of sensitive teeth. If you find that you have to avoid certain types of food and drink due to the pain of sensitive teeth, you could benefit from using specially-developed toothpaste as part of your daily oral care routine.
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Your teeth can become sensitive as a result of the hard enamel shell eroding or weakening. When the tough outer layer of enamel becomes thin or worn, your teeth are less resistant to hot or cold sensations. When you take a mouthful of hot or cold food, the sensation passes through the weakened enamel to the dentine below. It then travels along the thin tubes found in the dentine layer toward the nerve, which sits at the center of the tooth. As these sensations reach the nerve you are likely to feel a painful twinge or short, sharp ache.

The enamel layer that coats your teeth can be affected by a number of factors, including the eroding effects of acids in food, gum disease or overly-vigorous brushing. Acid wear can be caused by a number of different types of food and drink, including soda and wine. Even fruit, which is normally regarded as being a healthy option, can contain high levels of natural acid that can eat into the enamel on the surface of your teeth. The acid from food softens the enamel, which can then erode during brushing.

Toothpastes for sensitive teeth help to neutralize acids that can harm them. They also strengthen tooth enamel and protect against further erosion. Some toothpastes for sensitive teeth contain potassium nitrate. This active ingredient helps to desensitize teeth.

In addition to treating sensitivity, some of the toothpastes that strengthen the hard enamel coating on your teeth also contain fluoride. Fluoride has been shown to protect teeth against cavities. However, if you prefer to use toothpaste that does not contain fluoride, you will find that there are fluoride-free options for sensitive teeth on drugstore.com.

When you browse the range of toothpastes for sensitive teeth on drugstore.com, you will also find varieties that offer additional benefits, such as teeth whitening. Over time, your teeth can become stained as a result of consuming certain types of food and drink, such as curry, red wine, coffee and tea. Smoking cigarettes can also stain teeth. With regular use, whitening ingredients in toothpastes help to remove these stubborn stains and leave the enamel looking whiter and brighter.

Because overly-vigorous brushing can contribute to worn enamel, you may prefer to use a specially-developed toothbrush to complement your choice of toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Using a toothbrush with a soft bristle can help minimize enamel erosion.

By using toothpaste that has been designed to combat sensitivity on a regular basis, you can become more confident about consuming a wide variety of hot and cold foods and drinks.

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