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 –  Tending to your hair is as important as taking care of any other part of your skin. Neglected locks often appear limp and dull and they may be full of broken strands called "flyaways" or dandruff flakes, or they may look greasy due to overabundant oil. Regularly using the proper shampoo creates the foundation for quality hair care and translates to healthy and fresh-looking hair you can be proud of.
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Here you'll be able to scan through the complete lineup of men's shampoos, which includes options for every hair type and condition.

The Basics of Hair Care

Shampooing helps rid your scalp of dry skin, oil, and other particles, and – ideally – leaves your hair softer, fuller, and livelier-looking. There's certainly an art to using shampoo properly. How often you need to wash your hair depends greatly on its character. If you have an oily mane, you may need to use shampoo more frequently than if you have dry hair. It's important to note, however, that you can definitely over-shampoo greasy hair: Washing it too much may actually spur the scalp’s sebaceous glands to ramp up oil production.

The American Academy of Dermatology stresses the importance of washing the scalp itself, rather than simply focusing on your hair strands. For one thing, neglecting the scalp may result in a buildup of dead skin that produces dandruff.

Some of the shampoos offered at drugstore.com incorporate a conditioner into their formulation. Otherwise, you should condition your hair after shampooing to cut down on static electricity, bolster hair-shaft strength and luster, and protect against ultraviolet radiation.

Shopping for Shampoo

As suggested above, it's essential to consider your hair type when selecting a shampoo. A shampoo that is inappropriate to the natural conditions of your scalp and hair won't do you much good, and may even degrade their health. Your hair may be "normal" – that is, well-balanced, not too greasy or dry. On the other hand, your hair may be excessively oily and heavy, or parched and brittle. Seek out formulations advertised for your specific hair type.

There are other influencing factors, too, of course. If your hair is thinning – a reality for many men, particularly with age – you may want to choose a shampoo specially designed to strengthen and thicken.

Solutions for Dandruff

Another common complication in men's hair care is dandruff, in which dead skin sheds off the scalp in flakes. Dandruff can arise from many causes. While a guy with particularly dry skin will often experience flaking, the same can be true of an individual who produces excess oil, a state called seborrheic dermatitis. An adverse dermatological response to certain hair products – contact dermatitis – may involve dandruff. It can also be caused by skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, or, on occasion, by aggravation related to a natural scalp fungus, malassezia.

Mild dandruff may also just reflect inadequate or too infrequent hair washing, so simply using a normal shampoo regularly sometimes clears it up. More severe cases might call for special dandruff-fighting shampoos, which combat the condition through a wide variety of approaches – moisturizing the scalp’s skin cells, for example, or reducing fungal growth.

Study the descriptions for the shampoos for sale here and identify what a given formulation has been designed to focus on. You'll often be able to read reviews on these products submitted by fellow customers who've used them before, so be sure to take advantage of the insights and tips they contain.

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