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 –  Great hair care begins with the choice of shampoo. Match the right shampoo to individual needs - hair type, scalp concerns and hair style - and the results will improve any man's look and confidence. Begin with the basics: While hair itself differs little between the sexes, men and women usually do wear and treat their hair in different ways. Celebrate those differences and select the best shampoo formulated for men's hair.
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About Men's Hair

Is men's hair different from women's? The hair strand itself is the same, with keratin organized in the same structure. They both have the usual ranges in thickness, from fine to coarse, and the same range of follicle density on the scalp. Redhead men have the fewest follicles, while brunettes and blondes have the highest concentration - the same is true for women. What really sets men's hair apart from women's is how they wear it, what products they use and how they take care of it. Of course there are ranges - some men wear their hair longer and some guys spend a lot of time on washing, styling and coloring - but, in general, men want as little fuss and bother as they can get away with. Fortunately, there is a great selection of men's shampoos that let guys take the simple approach, as well as others that let men indulge in more detailed hair care. From a quick wash of shorter hair to shampooing out pomade from that swept-back style, there are brands to meet every man's needs.

The Battle of Hair Loss

It usually starts in their 30s, when men learn how to see the top of their head in the mirror. Anxiety about hair loss is no small thing in the world of men's hair care. In some cases, it may be stress or diet, it may just be age, but it's definitely a guy thing. It's true that many women experience thinning hair (especially during pregnancy or after menopause), but men lose hair more often and to a greater degree. About 95% of male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) is related to hormone changes, which cause more and more hair follicles to shut down. Many men's shampoos can help improve the appearance of thinning hair, though. Shampoos with conditioners containing keratin that thicken hair can help bulk up hair strands and give a fuller appearance. Taking care of the scalp is also key, to keep the active follicles clean, healthy and strong.

A Great Selection

Finding the right men's shampoo is like selecting the right tie. Just browse through them and find the one that matches your needs. Whatever the length, thickness or hair type, there's a shampoo that works for any combination. Shampoo combined with conditioner? For itching scalp or dandruff? With a scent or unscented? Deep cleaning shampoos help remove gels and wax styling products, but there are also ones formulated for active sports, when shampooing is more frequent. The selection is wide and the right shampoo is there for you to find.

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