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 –  It's hard to enjoy a day of fun in the sun or get work done outdoors when you need to worry about your sunscreen staying on. But that doesn't mean you have to leave your skin vulnerable to the sun to avoid hassles. With sport sunscreens from drugstore.com, you can get the sun protection you need while being active outdoors or when taking a dip in the water. We stock a large assortment of sport sunscreen products to suit the needs of everyone who leads active lifestyles.
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Sun Protection for Your Active Lifestyle

Sunscreen works by either absorbing ultraviolet (UV) energy or reflecting it before it can affect the skin. Sweating and swimming can dilute and wash off conventional sunscreen, leaving your skin exposed to the sun. That's why experts recommend frequently reapplying your sun protection if you're exercising, doing strenuous work outdoors or swimming.

Sport sunscreens were developed as a solution to this problem. Their formulas are sweat-resistant and water-resistant, so they are less likely to be rinsed away in the pool or ocean or diluted by your perspiration. You'll still need to reapply a sport sunscreen so be sure to look at product labels to determine how long the water resistance lasts and how often you will need to reapply.

Ideal SPF Levels for Everyone

Sport sunscreens are available with different SPF levels. The Sun Protection Factor, or SPF, is a way of measuring the percentage of UVB rays that a sunscreen keeps from reaching your skin. SPF 15 products provide the minimum amount of protection that most experts recommend for daily use, and they are capable of reflecting or absorbing roughly 93 percent of UVB energy. A product with an SPF level of 30 can absorb or reflect 97 percent of UVB rays, while formulas with SPF 50 ratings reduce UVB exposure by at least 98 percent.

Sport sunscreens with broad-spectrum protection also limit the amount of UVA radiation that reaches the skin, and these products are recommended by many medical professionals. A doctor can help you decide how much SPF protection you need so that you can select the right sport sunscreen.

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