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UV Protective Clothing

 –  Taking steps to reduce your exposure to the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays is one of the most important things that you can do for your health. While all clothing provides some protection from the sun, many fabrics still allow some UV radiation to pass through when you're outdoors. UV protective clothing from drugstore.com can help you minimize the amount of UV energy that reaches your skin. In this product selection, you'll find clothing for keeping men, women and kids safer in the sun.
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Understanding UPF

As you shop for UV protective clothing, it's important to look for the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) ratings of the styles and to understand exactly what those numbers mean. The UPF of sun protective clothing and accessories tells you how much of the UV radiation from the sun will reach your skin when you're wearing the garments. For effective sun protection, doctors usually recommend UV protective clothing with UPF levels of 50 and above. A UPF rating of 50 indicates that a garment blocks roughly 98 percent of the UV energy in the environment from passing through to the skin.

Protecting Yourself from Head to Toe

Every inch of your skin requires sun protection, and you can find UV protective clothing to give you coverage in many different places. UV protective hats can protect your scalp from sun exposure, and many of these accessories have wide brims that also provide shade and protection for the face. When you'll be outdoors for long periods of time, you can wear long sleeve UV protective shirts with high necks to cover as much of your upper body as possible. Keep in mind that you should still apply sunscreen to all exposed areas whenever you're wearing UV protective clothing.

Considering Size as You Shop

UV protective clothing is available for men, women and children, and just like conventional clothes and accessories, the styles in this product selection are available in different sizes. Children's clothing is often sized according to age, and products for adults may be one size for men and women or may come in different men's and women's sizes. Refer to the product descriptions for more information about the sizing for each product in this assortment.

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