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UV Protective Clothing

 - Keeping yourself protected from the sun from head to toe every time you go outdoors helps you avoid painful sunburns and can lower your risk of developing certain kinds of skin cancer. Sunscreen is one way that you can shield your skin from UV, but it's not the only option for protection. UV protective clothing from drugstore.com can help you reduce UV exposure. We have an array of clothing and accessory options available to meet your sun care needs.
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Does Clothing Protect You from the Sun?

Experts recommend keeping as much of your skin covered as possible when you're outdoors in order to protect yourself from ultraviolet energy, but ordinary clothing doesn't completely shield you from the sun. Loose weave fabrics, tight fabrics that stretch and natural fibers like cotton can still allow a lot of UV light to pass through and reach your skin.

What Is UV Clothing?

UV protective clothing is made to reduce UV exposure more effectively than ordinary clothing. If your skin is very sensitive to the sun, you are at an increased risk for developing skin cancer or you will be spending an extended amount of time outdoors, UV protective clothing can provide you with extra protection beyond what the everyday items in your wardrobe can give. Other people may choose to wear UV clothing because they want as much protection as they can get.

What Is UPF?

When you're shopping for sunscreen, you use the SPF rating to compare the strength of the protection provided by various products. For clothing, it's the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) that you need to compare. The UPF level is a measure of what fraction of the UV energy in the environment can penetrate a particular garment or accessory. For example, a piece of clothing with a UPF factor of 50 only allows 1/50th to reach your skin. Generally, UV protective clothing has a UPF rating of 30 or above.

Protecting Yourself from Head to Toe

UV protective clothing is most often worn to protect the upper body, as it is more exposed to the sun when you're sitting or standing. You can purchase a UV protective hat to shield your scalp from UV energy. Hats for UV protection typically have wide brims that will also partially shield the face from the sun.

UV protective shirts typically cover the entire upper body with long sleeves and high collars. Like ordinary apparel, UV protective shirts come in different sizes. Experts recommend that UV protective clothing be worn a little loose, as the sun protection can be compromised if the fabric fits so tightly that it stretches.

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