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Wax Removal

 –  Earwax has a purpose – it protects your middle and inner ear by trapping dirt and bacteria. This reduces your risk of ear infections. Unfortunately, it sometimes accumulates to the point that it affects your hearing. Earwax buildup can lead to a feeling of fullness in your ear, reduced hearing and sometimes ear pain. A number of over-the-counter ear care products are available to control stubborn ear wax.
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Removing and Controlling Stubborn Ear Wax

Did you know ear wax accumulation is the most frequent causes of diminished hearing? In many cases, you can reduce ear wax at home. Ear wax removal kits are available with the supplies you need to remove stubborn wax buildup yourself. These kits typically contain ear drops formulated with an ingredient that softens the wax inside your ear canals so it can be removed more easily. Once the drops have softened the wax, irrigate your ear canals with warm water using the enclosed syringe or bulb to flush out the softened wax. After the wax is removed, you may notice your hearing has improved. When removing ear wax, there's the small risk you'll puncture your eardrum if you do it incorrectly. The syringes in ear wax removal kits are specially designed to reduce this risk. You can also buy ear wax removal drops and irrigating syringes separately.

Also available are loop ear wax removal tools. This tool, designed to remove ear wax at home, was developed by a medical doctor. It's made to safely fit into your ear canal without risk of perforating your eardrum. Once inside, gently move the tip on the end of the tool to remove ear wax. This method has the advantage of not requiring water or irrigation. After using the loop tool, wash it in soap and water and store it until you need it again.

Alternative Methods of Dealing with Earwax

Candling is another natural technique some people use to remove ear wax. Beeswax and paraffin candles are available for candling at home. This is a procedure used by some alternative practitioners. How does it work? Placing a lit candle in your ear canal is believed to create a vacuum that sucks the wax onto the candle. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of scientific evidence to support this practice. Plus, there's the risk of burning yourself with the candles and the potential to cause other problems like eardrum perforations and obstructions. Approach it with caution.

Ear wax relief drops are also available that contain homeopathic ingredients. These ingredients may stimulate your body's own natural defenses to help break down excess ear wax. They offer personal care for your ear canals that's natural in origin.


If your hearing doesn't improve or you continue to experience ear fullness or pressure after using at-home products to remove ear wax, see your doctor. Home ear wax removal is successful in most cases but not all. Your doctor can look inside your ear canals and remove any remaining wax.

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