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Wax Removal

 –  Ear wax (cerumen) plays an important role in ear health, capturing debris that could injure, irritate or infect your ears. Unfortunately, when ear wax builds up it can become a problem, making it hard for you to hear. Medical doctors advise against using a cotton swab to dig out earwax, as this could cause injury and even worsen the problem. At drugstore.com, we have a number of solutions for ear wax removal to help you manage the problem more safely.
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How Can I Get Rid of Ear Wax?

Wax removal drops and washes are often preferred by doctors for the removal of wax because they are simple and generally considered safe for most people when used properly. Many wax removal drops use hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate or acetic acid to break up ear wax. Others use oil-based ingredients to soften ear wax so that it's easier to remove.

Ear washes are usually sterilized saline saltwater solutions that are squirted into the ear to flush out wax. Your doctor may recommend that you first use an ear wax removal drop and then follow it with an ear wash to fully remove wax.

Tools for Wax Removal

Some people prefer to use tools to remove ear wax. Products like syringes and aspirators that suction out wax are engineered to remove ear wax safely; however, it is important that you use them carefully according to the manufacturer's directions to avoid injury. Tools vary in shape and size.

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