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 – Effective skin care is more than just a beauty regimen. There is a real science to having healthy skin, as the problems that can arise and diminish the appearance of the complexion and skin on the body all have underlying biological or chemical causes. Many skin care products ignore this fact and simply focus on addressing the cosmetic needs of the skin. This is especially true with facial cleansers, the majority of which only remove impurities from the skin, ignoring the needs of the tissue. The Phisoderm skin care collection is a line of cleansers that is different than these other formulas in that the formulas it contains use science to promote skin health while purifying the skin.

The Phisoderm skin care collection first arrived on the market in the 1950s, offering women a better way to cleanse their complexions. From the start, the brand took a scientific approach to meeting the needs of the skin, and that same approach is used today in the formulation of every product in the Phisoderm range. Today, all Phisoderm products are made by The Mentholatum Company, a corporation that has been manufacturing effective, safe solutions for the skin and eyes as well as over-the-counter medications for more than 120 years.
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The key difference between Phisoderm cleansers and other facial and body cleansing products on the market is the way the formulas in the collection impact the pH of the skin. The pH or potential of hydrogen refers to how acidic the tissue is. Your skin is covered with a slightly acidic layer of oil called the acid mantle from head to toe, and your body is designed to maintain this layer in order to keep your skin tissue in good health. This is done by producing oil and releasing it from the pores. The pH level of your skin is what tells your body whether or not oil is needed to keep the acid mantle intact.

In a perfect world, your skin's pH level would remain within ideal ranges, and your body would produce the precise amount of oil needed and not a drop more or less. Unfortunately, the pH of the skin can become skewed by a number of factors, leading to problems with your complexion and the skin on the body. If your skin is too acidic, your body incorrectly believes that no more oil is needed, and the tissue quickly becomes dehydrated. Should the skin become alkaline, the body believes that you are in need of more oil and begins to produce excess sebum, which can lead to shiny skin and congestion.

Each time you use a Phisoderm cleanser, the included ingredients help to adjust the pH of your tissue back to optimal ranges. This helps dry skin become better hydrated and regulates the production of oil for congested complexions. The Phisoderm collection contains a wide variety of solutions for the facial and body skin, and you'll find all of the top formulas here at drugstore.com. Shop the Phisoderm department today and rebalance your skin's pH for beautiful results.

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