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Anal Toys & Prostate Massagers

 –  Anal penetration and stimulation are very pleasurable experiences for many men and women. Both heterosexual and homosexual men can experience profound pleasure from anal play due to stimulation of the prostate. Some men find that prostate massage is enough to cause ejaculation, while others receive heightened pleasure from self-stimulation, foreplay or intercourse if they are simultaneously enjoying anal play. Many women also feel that the intensity of their climaxes increase due to anal stimulation. At drugstore.com, we carry an array of anal toys and prostate massagers.
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Doc Johnson Classic Anal Plug, Large- 1 ea
Doc Johnson - Classic Anal Plug, Large - 1 ea
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Is Anal Sex Safe?

Although anal play can be quite enjoyable, there are also risks of pain and injury if performed improperly. One of the biggest mistakes that those new to anal play often make is inserting foreign objects into their bodies. Fortunately, you can engage in safe exploration through the use of anal toys and massagers, personal devices that are specifically designed for safe insertion into the rectum. A wide variety of toys are available to suit every need.

What Is a Butt Plug?

One of the most popular sex toys for men and women is the butt plug. Shaped similarly to a bullet, the butt plug is inserted into the rectum and then remains in place. Butt plugs are worn during vaginal intercourse or oral intercourse with men or women. People of both genders may also find it pleasurable to wear a plug during masturbation. Plugs come in different diameters, and typically, it is best to start with smaller sizes and gradually work up to larger sizes as the rectum becomes accustomed to accommodating toys.

What Is a Prostate Massager?

A prostate massager is a toy designed especially for men. Although they come in many different shapes and sizes, massagers are all engineered to maximize the amount of prostate stimulation that occurs during anal penetration by stroking the anterior rectal wall. Prostate massagers can be stationary toys similar to dildos or be outfitted with batteries to produce vibrations.

How Do Anal Beads Work?

Both men and women frequently enjoy the use of anal beads, which typically come on a long string with beads of various sizes. Like many prostate massagers, some anal beads are battery operated and vibrate while inside the rectum to enhance pleasure. For men and women who are new to anal play, anal wands, which are thin and long in shape, can be exciting to use alone or with a partner.

Do I Need a Lubricant?

When using anal toys, it's important that a fine quality lube be applied prior to insertion. This not only makes using a toy more pleasurable, but it also makes it safer. After use, anal toys should be cleansed with an antibacterial cleaner made especially for sex toys.

How to Shop Discreetly for Sex Toys

Although anal toys and prostate massagers can enhance sexual pleasure, many people feel embarrassed to purchase them, as they are worried about others’ opinions. In actuality, these types of toys are very popular, and there is no shame in using one for solo or partner play. drugstore.com makes buying anal toys simple and secure, and we'll ship your order discretely to maintain your privacy. When you shop with us, you'll be free to experiment on your own or with a partner safely.

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