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Anal Toys

 –  Anal penetration and play can be highly pleasurable for women and can enhance foreplay, intercourse and masturbation. For ladies who are curious about anal play or who are looking for ways to add anal stimulation to self-stimulation or foreplay with ease, anal toys are an ideal choice. This type of sex toy is designed for safe insertion into the rectum, and at drugstore.com, we have a wide variety of anal toys available to suit the needs and curiosities of women.
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Anal Dildo vs. Anal Probe

Anal dildos and probes are simple anal toys that are popular with those who are new to anal play. A probe is a long, thin rod that is inserted into the anus, while an anal dildo has a wider phallic shape with a long shaft and a rounded tip. These types of toys are used to simulate anal intercourse alone or with a partner. Some varieties are outfitted with batteries that allow them to produce vibrations.

How Are Anal Beads Used?

Designed in many different styles, anal beads are small plastic or silicone spheres that are worked in and out of the anus. The movement of each bead stimulates the nerve endings immediately inside of the rectal cavity, and this type of stimulation is highly pleasurable for some women. In addition to styles that feature beads attached via string or tubing, probe vibrators with a beaded surface are also offered by some brands. Balls are larger in diameter and usually come just two or three to a string. These toys are typically used in the vagina, but they can also be inserted into the rectum, provided a woman is accustomed to anal penetration.

How Are Butt Plugs Used?

Butt plugs are a type of sex toy designed to create a feeling of fullness in the rectum. When a woman moves, the sides of this cone-shaped toy press against the rectal walls, stimulating the nerve-endings present in the tissue. At the base of the butt plug is a flange that remains external to the body, holding the plug in place. Many different diameters and lengths of butt plugs are available.

Typically, women who are new to anal play choose smaller models and gradually move on to toys that are larger in diameter. As a result, some adult toy manufacturers sell sets with multiple butt plugs in varying diameters.

What is a Rocker Anal Toy?

Anal beads and balls, butt plugs, anal probes and anal dildos are all suitable for both partner play and masturbation, but there are some varieties of anal toys that are geared almost exclusively for use during self-stimulation. An example is the rocker anal toy, which features a curved base that supports the toy in an upright position. Once the toy is inserted into the rectum, women can rock their bodies to simulate anal intercourse. Double penetrators, which have attachments to penetrate both the vagina and anus, are also intended for use during masturbation.

Lubricant for Anal Toys

When using anal toys, it's advisable to apply a lubricant to minimize discomfort and maximize pleasure. Some companies even manufacture specialty lubes that are extra slick for use in the rectum. You'll find those products as well as a large selection of anal toys for her right here at drugstore.com. Start exploring the collection to see the available styles.

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