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Breast Enhancements

 –  A woman's breasts are one of her most sensitive erogenous zones. Many women find breast stimulation and play highly pleasurable, and caressing, stimulating and otherwise teasing the breasts is an important part of foreplay for many couples. Breast enhancements are sensual aids that improve the appearance or texture of the breasts to make women feel sexier and more self-confident. Browse our selection of breast enhancements here at drugstore.com.
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What Are Breast Fresheners Used For?

Because the breasts are an erogenous zone that is often stimulated before or during sex, keeping the skin fresh, clean and healthy is important. Many women find that perspiration develops between or under the breasts, particularly on hot days and during exercise. For some, this creates unpleasant odors and feelings of wetness, which can be embarrassing. Breast fresheners are lotions that reduce perspiration or eliminate dryness after the fact. These formulas often contain moisture-absorbing ingredients like cornstarch or talcum powder. Many fresheners are also perfumed to mask body odors.

How Can I Get Firmer Breasts?

As women age, the breast tissue naturally becomes less dense, resulting in a lack of perkiness or firmness. While this does not diminish breast sensitivity, some women find the problem embarrassing, and as a result, find breast stimulation less pleasurable. Firming breast enhancers are topical lotions that help to improve the texture of the breasts. Typically, these products contain ingredients that stimulate the production of fatty tissue, which is the primary component of the breasts. With repeated use, these formulas can gradually change the texture of the breasts to help women overcome their anxieties about reduced firmness.

How Do Breast Enhancements Work?

Modern conventions of beauty prize large breasts, leaving many everyday women feeling self-conscious about their breast size. While there are surgical procedures that can augment the breast tissue, many women are hesitant to undergo cosmetic surgery due to its risks and its costs. Breast enhancement products can help women give their breasts a size boost without the need for implants. Like breast firming products, these lotions and creams typically work by encouraging fat cell production. Results from breast enlargement topical solutions develop gradually, resulting in a slow improvement in breast size and very natural-looking results.

Breast Embellishments

Breast enhancements are not only for overcoming problems that commonly affect the breasts; some are used to accentuate the breasts and make intimacy more exciting and fun. Many women enjoy dressing up their breasts to tease their partners. This is often done with pasties, self-adhesive stickers that can be used to cover the nipples. Women can apply pasties prior to foreplay to surprise their partners when they undress, or couples may apply them together and playfully peel them off at the perfect moment. Pasties can be combined with costumes and sexy accessories like wigs and boots to add even more variety to lovemaking.

Whether you're concerned about your breast size, wish to fight odors or simply want to add some spice to sex, breast enhancements can be very useful for your needs. drugstore.com offers high quality solutions for breast enhancement that can be discreetly delivered right to your door. Browse our collection to find the right solutions for your intimate care needs.

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