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Cleansing and Deodorant

 –  Intimate hygiene is essential to sexual health and to feeling your best during special moments with your partner. Practicing healthy intimate care is easy when you use the right products on a daily basis. drugstore.com has all of the cleansing and deodorant products that men and women need to promote intimate hygiene with ease. From solutions for body odor to products for on-the-go cleansing, we have solutions for every personal care need available for convenient, discreet home shipping.
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SweetSpot Labs Gentle Feminine Wash, Citrus Galbanum- 4 fl oz
SweetSpot Labs - Gentle Feminine Wash, Citrus Galbanum - 4 fl oz
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Deodorant Products for Him and for Her

Body odor in the genital and underarm areas is a very common problem for both men and women. As you sweat during the day, bacteria can begin to thrive in the moist, dark conditions in these parts of the body. These microbes bring with them unpleasant odors that can lead to embarrassment when you get close to a partner. One way to deal with body odor is to use personal deodorant products designed for intimate areas. Typically, these products are sprayed onto the skin, where they go to work killing odor causing bacteria. This reduces the risk of body odors developing throughout the day.

Wipes for On-the-Go Freshness

Deodorant isn't the only way to deal with body odor. For those who want to be able to quickly freshen up on the go, intimate care wipes are a great solution. These products are cloth towelettes that have been dampened with a gentle cleanser developed specifically for use on and around the genitals. Wiping with an intimate care wipe removes bacteria, sweat and residue from feces and urine, instantly freshening the skin. After using the wipe, you can simply throw it away, and there is no need to rinse your intimate area. This makes it easy to use intimate care wipes at the gym, while traveling or anyplace else away from home.

Gentle Cleansers for Intimate Care

Women can develop infections in their vaginas or on the skin around the vagina called the vulva due to the presence of bacteria. Doctors recommend that women practice good personal hygiene by cleansing their skin on a regular basis. This helps to remove bacteria that can spread from the anus to the vagina and vulva and also fights body odors. Many women choose to use special intimate care cleansers as a part of their daily bathing or after intercourse in order to thoroughly clean their intimate areas. Because these products are made especially for the vaginal area, they are extra gentle and unlikely to irritate sensitive skin.

Other Intimate Care Solutions

Depending on your needs, you can find other intimate care products to help you feel and look your best. Some women like the way that their pubic hair looks when it is dyed a different color, but ordinary hair dyes are typically harsh to use on the genital area. Special intimate care dyes are a better choice for enhancing the appearance of pubic hair due to their unique formulations. If you use adult toys for self-stimulation or intercourse, you should clean them after every use with wipes or liquid cleansers that are designed specifically for sex toys to keep them sanitary.

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