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 – Condoms are one of the simplest and most convenient forms of birth control and are effective at preventing the spread of STIs. This type of contraceptive is a tight-fitting sleeve that is rolled down over the penis. When a man climaxes, his ejaculation is captured in the tip of the condom. After intercourse, the condom is thrown away, and a new condom must be used for subsequent penetration.
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Latex condoms  are the most commonly used form of male condoms. These condoms are durable and resistant to tearing, although they can break when used improperly. Condoms come in many sizes, and it's important to select one that is of the appropriate size for the man's penis to prevent the condom from slipping off or breaking. Most popular varieties of condoms are lubricated condoms, which are coated with lube to make penetration easier. Spermicidal condoms feature a special lubricant that kills sperm. This variety can reduce the risk of pregnancy if a condom breaks or is used improperly.

Some men and women have skin sensitivities that make it impossible to use traditional condoms. Non-latex condoms are available for individuals with latex allergies and are made from alternative materials like polyisoprene. For those who develop skin irritation from the lubes used on ordinary condoms, non-lubricated condoms are an option. These can be used with most hypoallergenic personal lubricants as needed; however, you should never use oil-based lubes with condoms, as they can cause them to break down and develop holes.

Condoms are not only used to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of STIs; they can also add new sensations to sex. Pleasure-enhancing condoms are known as specialty condoms. Some come in colors that add spice to lovemaking, while others are ultra thin to increase a man’s sexual sensitivity. Textured condoms have bumps and ribs that massage and stimulate the vaginal canal or rectum during intercourse to heighten the receiving partner's pleasure. Because STIs can also be transmitted during oral sex, many couples use flavored condoms to make this type of intercourse safer and more pleasant.

In addition to condoms, our collection includes options for female contraceptives. These products include a variety of items that can be inserted into the vagina to reduce the risk of pregnancy. Contraceptive sponges, gels, films, inserts and dams are featured in this range and allow women to take control of the purchase and use of safe sex supplies. Some of these female condoms can be used along with male condoms, but some cannot. Not all of these products are effective at reducing the risk of STIs.

Although condoms are 98 percent effective when used properly, many couples do not use them as directed. As a result, the success rate of male condoms when used as a sole method of birth control is estimated at 82 to 88 percent. Before using condoms, be sure to read the instructions included with the product to have a greater likelihood of preventing unwanted pregnancy and reducing the risk of transmitting STIs.

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