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Creams and Stimulators

 – Sex is intended to be a pleasurable experience for both partners, but for women who struggle to achieve climax, intercourse and foreplay can be stressful and upsetting. Many women have difficulty becoming sexually aroused or having an orgasm, and problems related to sexual satisfaction may occur occasionally or chronically. No matter how frequently a woman finds herself not able to obtain the level of arousal and pleasure that she deserves, creams and stimulators can make a positive difference in sexual enjoyment.
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How are Stimulators and Creams Used?

Sensual aid stimulators and creams are designed to enhance awareness and feeling in key erogenous zones. This is achieved by increasing blood flow to the skin. Most often, stimulators and creams are applied to either the vulva and clitoris or the nipples. Upon application, the formulas produce some type of sensation. They may make the skin begin to feel warmer or colder in temperature, or they may result in a tingling feeling.

The Benefits of Increased Blood Flow

As the sensation created by a stimulator or cream continues, circulation to the affected areas increases. Enhanced blood flow to the nipples or clitoris makes the skin more sensitive to the touch. As a result, stimulation produces more intense feelings of pleasure. This can help women who struggle with arousal become more excited and better lubricated in anticipation of intercourse. The increased blood flow to the clitoris can also help women climax more quickly or enjoy a more intense experience upon climax.

Creams and Stimulants for Masturbation

Creams and stimulants are not exclusively produced for use with a partner. Some women enjoy applying these products prior to masturbation. In fact, women who are struggling to enjoy sex with their partners may find that using a stimulation product before with a vibrator or dildo makes it easier to experiment and determine precisely what feels best for them. When creams and stimulants are used with a sex toy, it is typically advised to apply the product directly to the skin instead of to the toy.

Oil-Based Stimulators

A wide variety of creams and stimulators are available for women. Some products are oil-based and come as either massage oils or gels that are applied to the body. These types of products typically stay concentrated on the skin without becoming quickly absorbed. This can make sensations stronger; however, after stimulation or intercourse, the skin will need to be cleansed with soap and water to remove the product. Oil-based creams and stimulators could cause condoms to breakdown, so caution must be taken when they are used in the vaginal area.

Silicone Products

Silicone-based stimulators are also available. The tissue absorbs even less of these products, allowing them to produce stronger sensations but with an increased difficulty with cleaning. Because they can damage their materials, silicone stimulators should not be used with silicone sex toys.

Water-Based Stimulators

Creams, sprays and some gel female stimulation formulas are often water-based. These products will become worked into the skin as it is massaged. While their sensations may be shorter lived, these products wipe off with just water and do not make the skin feel greasy or slippery.

The key to having success with a cream or stimulator for her is to choose the best formula for your needs. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the many creams and stimulators available for purchase here at drugstore.com.

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